Once you have determined your unit’s eligibility to establish a recharge center, complete the Recharge Center Request form.

The Recharge Center Request form will prompt you to complete the
Rate Analysis, which serves as a tool to determine that the rates charged fall within acceptable government guidelines. Costs included in this rate analysis must be allowable. Examples of unallowable costs are included in the University’s Recharge Center Policy, Appendix B. Note that equipment purchases, while ordinarily an allowable cost, are not allowed for recharge center purposes. However, equipment lease payments (the depreciable component) are allowable as part of the rate-charging mechanism. It is permissible to charge Non-USC entities a higher rate (market value) than University users.

You also will be asked whether your recharge center is a core facility, as defined by the National Institutes of Health. If so, please forward your completed documents (the Recharge Center Request form, Recharge Center Rate Analysis template and Recharge Center Account Creation form) to the Office of the Vice President for Research at vice.president.research@usc.edu for approval. If your recharge center is not a core facility, forward the completed documents to the Office of Financial Analysis at ofa@usc.edu.

The Office of Financial Analysis is here to assist you with rate analysis or any questions about the process of establishing a recharge center. Contact us at 213-821-1937 or ofa@usc.edu.

We will notify you within 48 hours to let you know whether your request has been approved and your recharge center account has been established.