Principal investigators (PIs) and university departments hold the primary responsibility for the care, maintenance, physical inventory and control of equipment in their custody/organization code. In addition, they are responsible for:

  • Initiating requisitions in eMarket and assigning the proper object code for equipment purchases
  • Performing the biennial physical inventory for all equipment in their custody
  • Assisting in the performance of equipment audits and any agency reporting requirements
  • Safeguarding storage and security of all equipment in their custody
  • Updating the Capital Asset Management System (CAMS) of any capital equipment movement in the department’s custody

In addition, on sponsored projects, PIs and departments are responsible for:

  • Determining whether requested equipment is already available within the department
  • Ensuring that such purchases are allowable under the sponsorship agreement
  • Confirming project expiration date and ownership of all project equipment
  • Submitting shipping documentation to Equipment Management as soon as any government-furnished property is received
  • Tracking and verifying incoming equipment loans (only recorded in CAMS when the sponsor or institution requires tracking)