The following processes are available in the Student Information System (SIS). Access to display processes is included in your “basic” access. Access to update and report processes must be requested by sending an access request form to SIS User Coordination.

Display Processes

  • BUR.D.DET displays balance information and transaction history for a student. See About Student Accounts.
  • BUR.D.FTCODE displays information about financial transaction codes, including type of transaction, the people who are authorized to use it, the general ledger (GL) account and object code to be debited or credited, and other important details.
  • BUR.D.SESS displays financial data for a session, including financial transaction codes and rates for various categories of enrollment and mandatory fees.
  • BUR.D.TERM displays important dates and some financial information related to a term.

Update Processes

  • BUR.U.FTD is used to enter transactions directly to a student account.
  • BUR.U.FUTR is used to enter pending transactions such as commitment deposits in our future transactions module.

Report Processes

  • BUR.R.CLASS.FEES reports financial information on class sections belonging to a specific owning unit code or tuition income GL account in a chosen term. Information includes academic units, tuition units, tuition GL account, lab fee information and major/non-major fee information.
  • BUR.R.FTCODE.INFO reports FTCodes, FTCode masks, or Financial Aid award codes associated with a given GL account. Use this along with BUR.R.GLACT.SEQ when you need to identify transactions posted to your GL account.
  • BUR.R.FUTR is a companion process to BUR.U.FUTR that allows the operator to produce reports on future credits using various selection and reporting criteria. This report reflects dates on which transactions were posted to BUR.U.FUTR, whether or not credits have been posted to the student account.
  • BUR.R.GLACT.SEQ allows users to report entries from students’ financial detail by FTCode within a given date range. The report may be sorted in several ways, including student name, student ID number, FTCode, current GL account number, transaction date and operator initials of the person who entered the transaction. Use BUR.R.GLACT.SEQ to aid in reconciling GL accounts, or to verify student activity, such as lab fees.

General Documentation

  • About Deferments explains how a portion or all of a student’s account balance can be deferred to a later date.
  • About Late Fee Waivers describes how late fees are assessed and how they can be waived. It also explains common errors and how to avoid them.
  • About Manually Processing Commitment Deposits describes how commitment deposits should be accepted and made available to students by graduate and professional schools handling their own deposits.
  • About Student Accounts is an overview explaining how charges are posted to a student account. Various online processes used to display information as well as printed documents containing account information are explained.