If your department is in custody of any capital or sponsor-owned equipment, you are responsible for keeping Equipment Management informed of its location via the university’s Capital Asset Management System (CAMS). If you do not have Account/Organization Level Security Access in CAMS, you may request it through USC’s User Access Request form, or complete the Equipment Movement Form.


Whenever you move equipment to a new location, update CAMS or complete the Equipment Movement Form.

PI Transfer

If a principal investigator (PI) relocates to another institution and wishes to transfer any equipment to the new university, the PI must obtain authorization from the appropriate dean or director in advance. In addition:

  • If the equipment is part of an active contract or grant, the PI must complete a Relinquishing Form, regardless of who owns the equipment.
  • If the equipment is on a terminated contract or grant — or was acquired with non-sponsored funds (e.g., 11 or 12 accounts) and the ownership vests with USC — the department must provide Equipment Management with:
    • A list of the equipment being transferred
    • A letter from the appropriate dean or director approving the transfer

Transfer to Another Country

If your department has equipment that will be moved overseas, complete the Equipment Movement Form so that Equipment Management can tag the equipment prior to shipping to ensure it will pass through customs.

Loaned Equipment

If your department is loaning out a piece of equipment, you must complete the loan fields in CAMS. Upon approval by Equipment Management, you will receive an email notification authorizing the loan. Any equipment acquired on a sponsored account must be returned from the loanee prior to the expiration date of the contract or grant.

Temporary Storage

If equipment will be temporarily stored during a room or lab renovation, inform Equipment Management via CAMS or by completing the Equipment Movement Form.