Requests for new or changed space allocations must:

  • Be submitted in writing by the appropriate dean or vice president to the University Space Planning Committee in care of the assistant vice president for Financial and Business Services at least three months prior to when the space is needed.
  • Include justification for the requested space.
  • Include an internal space audit that verifies that adequate space does not exist within the resources already available.
  • Include a completed leased space form if off-campus space is requested.

The University Space Planning Committee must review and approve all requests for additional space. The committee is co-chaired by the vice provost for Academic Operations and the assistant vice president of Financial and Business Services.

The Procedures for Allocation of Space section of the Space Planning and Management Policy provides additional information. The Department of Space Management can assist departments in completing the appropriate documentation. The USC Department of Real Estate and Asset Management assists with securing such space for the campus community.