Awards, award lines, and grants are created in Workday in several ways, depending on the award type and its terms and conditions.

Recharge Center

The Office of Financial Analysis will handle all recharge center set-up and maintenance matters. Recharge Centers will no longer be represented by Grant Worktag (formerly known as 56* account), instead Recharge Centers will be represented with a Program Worktag in Workday.

Federal Student Aid Awards

To request the annual setup of the federal student aid awards, contact the SPA Award Contract Owner. These awards include the following programs:

  • Federal Direct Loan (FDL)
  • Federal Work-Study (FWS)
  • Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant (IASG)
  • PELL Grant
  • Perkins Loan
  • Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
  • Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher-Education (TEACH)

Non-Government Service Agreements

To request creation of a new non-government service agreement award, visit the Workday Hub for detailed information and request form.

Research/Training Awards and Government Service Agreements (U.S., state, and local)

To request creation of a new award or government service agreement, contact the Department of Contracts and Grants (DCG). SPA cannot set up award lines and Grant Worktags in Workday until the DCG establishes the award and budget.

After the award and budget are created in KC, SPA will receive a notification to complete the necessary processes in Workday.

After the Workday award record is created, the Principal Investigator(s) and Grant Manager(s) will receive a notification in their Workday Notification box to view the award, award lines, grants worktags, and budget plan.

New Award Lines/Grant Worktags

Award lines/Grants Worktags not mandated by the award’s terms and conditions are requested through SPA. These request includes:

  • Outgoing sub-awards – Grant Worktag and Supplier ID (SUP-########) are required before submitting the supplier contract).
  • Genomic arrays
  • Internal segregation of funds
  • Interdepartmental work (where F&A rate differs).

To request new award lines, submit the FDM – Award Line Establishment Request form attached with a complete Award Line Establishment Excel Worksheet through the Workday Business Forms Dashboard.

The requester will receive a Workday notification when the Award Contract Owner from SPA completes the request. It will be the responsibility of the requester to notify the PI and Grant Managers of this change.

Since department can now process their own Detailed Budgets, after the new award line and grant Worktag has been established, the department is responsible for initiating the corresponding Detailed Budget amendment type through the Budget Amendment event to allocate funds into the new award lines/grant Worktag.

To determine the Award Contract Owner for an award, please refer to the instructions on our website.