Award information can be modified in Workday in several ways, depending on the type of award and the type of modification (whether sponsor prior approval required or not). For modifying Non-governmental Service Agreements, please visit the Workday Hub.

Modifying Grant Hierarchies and Grant Roles

Grant Hierarchies will be initially assigned to each Grant Worktag based on either cost center, PI, or other method (depending on your school’s Grant Hierarchy structure). SPA will manually add the PI (Grant) role, while all other Grant roles will be inherited on the Grant Worktag based on the Grant Hierarchy. If you need to change the details and/or Grant Roles within the Grant Hierarchy record, submit the Grant Hierarchy (GRH) Request Form in Workday.

Prior Approval Not Required

Corrections to non-primary award lines not dictated by terms and conditions do not require sponsor prior approval. Common types of modifications include:

  • Cost Center Worktag/Organization on the Award/Award Line/Grant Worktag record. **Please see important note below regarding related worktag changes on a Grant driver worktag.**
  • Grant Worktag name
  • Grant Hierarchy assigned on the Grant Worktag.
  • Dates

To request modifications to existing Award (AWD), Award Lines, and/or Grant (GR) Worktag records (non-role related), submit the FDM – Award/Grant Modification Request Form, which can be found within the Workday Business Forms Dashboard. The requester will receive Workday notification when the form has been processed by the Award Contract Owner (SPA). To track the status of your request, run the “My Requests” report in Workday. NOTE: The Cost Center on the integrated Award/Grant is populated from the PI Internal Association field in Cayuse. Please also ensure that this Cost Center associated with the PI is corrected, so that future Awards/Grants will be integrated with the correct Cost Center.


In addition to updating the Related Worktag (cost center/fund/function) on the Grant Driver Worktag, the following currently with the Grant ID will continue to have the old Related Worktag(s):

  • Existing expense and budget transactions (Note: if you do not have access to the incorrect cost center, you will not see the existing transactions. Please contact your school’s central department to access these transactions.)
  • Payroll Costing Allocations
  • Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders (PO)
  • Internal Service Deliveries (ISD)
  • Supplier Contracts, etc.

These do not retroactively update itself in Workday when the Related Worktag(s) on the Grant record is updated. Only the department has the ability to make the changes to any transaction and/or business processes that have the Grant (GR) ID and the old Related Worktag(s) already set up. If no actions were taken along with the Worktag change, the existing transactions will still appear under the old Related Worktags and any future expenses (stemmed from existing Requisitions, Payroll Costing Allocations, Supplier Contract, etc.) will still post to the old Related Worktag(s). Also, to prevent any Workday validations on canceled line items, the old Related Worktag (cost center/fund/function) must continue to be an Allowed Worktag on the Grant ID.

Prior Approval Required.

Common types of modification that should not be requested until receipt of sponsor approval include:

  • Award Name
  • Investigator Change
  • No Cost Extension
  • Date Change
  • Early Termination
  • Facilities and Administration Rate Changes
  • Carryover of Unobligated Funds
  • Additional Funding (supplement, increment, continuation, etc.)
  • Funding Changes (de-obligation, reallocation of restricted funds)

To request approval for such modifications, contact the award’s Department of Contracts and Grants officer or reference the Directory for further assistance.

  • Upon approval, DCG will notify SPA to update the Workday Award record.
  • After the Workday Award record is amended, the Principal Investigator(s) and other roles on the Grant Worktag(s) will receive Workday notification to view the Award Amendment.
  • SPA will also update the additional award lines (not primary) and Grant Worktags, if applicable.
  • Should you still see any items that needs to be changed, submit the FDM – Award/Grant Modification Request Form to request the related modification to be applied.