FY2024 Effort Certification Schedule – Click to Download a PDF

*Please note these dates are subject to change. Please check this schedule regularly for updates.

Schedules from Prior Fiscal Years

Effort Schedule Structure for Open Certification Periods (Semesters and Quarters)

Below is the progression of key dates and deadlines within the effort certification process. At different stages of this process, the Office of Financial Analysis will send out e-mail notices, to faculty and staff members, to serve as courtesy reminders of these important events.

01. Effort Certification Process Kick-Off – E-Mail Notice to Reviewers

  • Reminder for Reviewers to complete outstanding PAAs, associated to the upcoming effort period, so they may be included in ECD creation process
  • Notification that the Effort Certification Documents will be created and available in the Reviewers Workday Inbox the following day
  • Sent to Reviewers only

02. Effort Certification Document Creation Date – Workday Inbox Notification for Reviewers

  • The ECD(s) will appear and be available in the Workday My Tasks box of the Reviewers
  • Any in-progress PAAs, associated to the upcoming effort period, were systematically cancelled upon the ECD creation process
  • Effort changes must now be made directly in the ECD

03. 7-Day Period Opening Reminder – E-Mail Notice to Reviewers

  • 7 days remaining for Reviewers to prepare the ECD(s)
  • All outstanding ECDs should be approved by the Reviewers prior to the opening of the official 30-day certification period
  • If Reviewer action is not taken by the official 30-day certification period, the ECD will be systematically sent to the Certifier
  • Once sent, only the Certifier has access to the ECD. If the Reviewer needs to make additional changes, the Certifier must return the ECD back to the Reviewer

04. 30-Day Effort Certification Period Opens – E-Mail Notice to Certifiers and Reviewers

  • The ECD(s) will appear and be available in the Certifiers Workday My Tasks box
  • There are 30-days remaining to complete the ECDs

05. 7-Day Period Closing Reminder – E-Mail Notice to Certifiers and Reviewers

  • 7-days remaining in the effort certification period
  • E-mail notice sent to all Certifiers and Reviewers with incomplete ECDs

06. 30-Day Effort Certification Deadline

  • Last day to complete ECD certifications before grants are placed on a “hold” status
  • All effort certifications due today

07. Account Freeze (Day after Deadline)

  • All grants associated with non-certified effort certification documents are now on a hold status and new financial transactions are suspended
  • Grants will remain on hold until all individuals being paid from said grants(s) have certified their ECD(s)
  • Additional follow-up emails may be sent to Reviewers and Certifiers with past due certifications
  • Reactivation of frozen grants may take up to 24 hours