Effective July 6, 2021, the Office of Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) will create and administer the following awards in Workday Financials:

  • Research / Training
  • Federal Student Aid
  • Cost Share

Under the new Foundation Data Model (FDM), Grant worktag(s) will replace the former USC 5x account number in Kuali.

For Recharge Centers, contact the Office of Financial Analysis. For program, project, or gift creation requests and administration, please refer to the Business Forms Dashboard.

Awards, Award Lines, and Grant Worktags


The award is the overall structure and uses the award header to capture award demographic information. Each award will be assigned an Award ID, which starts with “AWD-” followed by 8-digit auto-generated sequential number (AWD-########).

Award Line

The award record also houses one or more award lines for each master or satellite, if applicable. One of which must be designated the Primary Award Line (marked with Primary checkbox), which in majority of the cases is the master. Master award lines are designated with the prefix “MA”. For awards with multi-year masters and satellites, the name will designate the budget year it pertains to, for example “YR 1”.

All new Award Line/Grant ID created after go-live must have a unique name.

Satellite award line(s) may be required for the following circumstances. Note: only new award lines created in Workday will be denoted with the below prefixes.

  • Satellite with Restricted Funds (RS)
  • Satellite of a Satellite with Restricted Funds (RG)
  • Participant Support Cost (PS)
  • Internal Satellite (IS) – includes interdepartmental work and other departmental purposes
  • Subaward (SA)*
  • Genomic Array (GA)
  • Cost Share (CS)**

*Accounting for Subaward: each outgoing subaward must be set up and managed in a separate award line and Grant worktag for Workday to calculate F&A (indirect cost) using the Basis Limit feature. 

**Accounting for Cost Share: Cost share must be set up and managed as part of the overall award in form of a unique award line and Grant worktag. Department must charge all cost share related transactions (including Tuition Assistance Benefit transactions) on this designated Grant worktag. For existing cost share without a Grant worktag in Workday Financials, please contact your Award Contract Owner. For new cost share not indicated on the original award, please contact DCG

Grant Worktag

Each award line will be assigned a unique Grant ID / Grant worktag, which starts with “GR” followed by 7-digit auto-generated sequential number (GR#######).

Grant Hierarchy

Each Grant worktag will be assigned to one or more grant hierarchies. Grant hierarchies are predefined structures in which schools created based on cost center, PI, or other organizational structure. Grant hierarchies are used for reporting and security purposes. Grant roles are inherited based on the roles set up in the grant hierarchy. Visit Workday Quick Reference Guides to create/maintain grant hierarchies.