Sponsored Projects Accounting

University Gardens Building
UGB 102, MC 8001

Mailing Address:
3500 South Figueroa Street, Suite 102
Los Angeles CA 90089-8001

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

If your Award exists, look up your SPA Award Contract Owner on your Award (AWD) record in Workday. Otherwise, if your Award record does not exist in Workday, contact the following with your inquiries:

  • For private awards (foundations), local and state government, contact the Non-Federal section supervisor Shawn Suzuki via email shawnsuz@usc.edu.
  • For awards funded by Department of Education, Department of Energy, DOJ, EPA, NASA, NIH/DHHS, NOAA and NSF, contact the Letter of Credit (LOC) accountant Bodrae Choi via email bodraech@usc.edu.
  • For awards funded by DOD, IMLS, NEH, ONR, USAID, VA, other federal sponsors not specified under the LOC section, contact the Federal section accountant Genesis Gutierrez via email genesisg@usc.edu.
  • For Federal Pass-through funded awards, contact the Federal Pass-through accountant Robin Yang via email xdy@usc.edu.

For inquiries regarding Accounting Journal for Cost Transfers (formerly known as Non-Payroll Expense Transfers) and Payroll Accounting Adjustments (formerly known as Payroll Expense Transfers), contact the Administrative/General Ledger section supervisor Gina Galang via email fernando@usc.edu.

For inquiries regarding payment information, contact the Administrative/General Ledger accountant Carmen Martinez via email carmenma@usc.edu.