Every two years, the university requires a physical inventory to verify the accuracy of Equipment Management records. This also ensures compliance with federal mandates from the Office of Management and Budget. In addition, a physical inventory must be completed upon the conclusion of every sponsored project.

Custodial departments must perform their own physical inventories. Prior to the department performing the biennial inventory, Equipment Management sends each department an Excel spreadsheet listing with all equipment under the department’s custody. You also will have access to a barcode scanner to complete the inventory.

Preparing for the Inventory

The following tips will help you prepare for the inventory:

  • If the list of equipment you receive is not accurate or is not for your department, notify Equipment Management at equipmgm@usc.edu.
  • If the inventory is to be conducted by someone other than yourself, please notify Equipment Management at equipmgm@usc.edu with the appropriate name and contact information.
  • To perform the physical inventory, you must have access to the barcode group in Kuali (located under the “Workflow Main Menu” tab). If you do not yet have access, complete the User Access Request form (requires CAMS access). If you need assistance, please contact the Comptroller’s Office at 213-821-1900.
  • Request a scanner from Equipment Management at equipmgm@usc.edu if you have not already received one.
  • Follow the scanner instructions.

For further assistance or information, email Equipment Management at equipmgm@usc.edu or call 213-821-2880.