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Organization Improvement Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

Key Services


Organization Improvement Services provides the following services to the University in order to help divisions and departments in USC meet their objectives in the best way possible.  We can be engaged to provide project management, strategic planning, change management, process improvement, meeting facilitation, and/or information gathering services.  The following is a description of our key services.


v     Strategic Planning

We provide guidance to any department or division or team that wishes to develop a strategic plan and vision and mission statement.  At times we may assist with managing the implementation of key strategic objectives on the strategic plan.


v     Change Management

We bring a methodology to projects involving cultural, procedural, and/or technological change to address the human aspect of making the change successful.


v     Process Improvement

We partner with our customers to identify areas they wish to improve in their operations and assist them with developing plans for improving their operations.


v     Retreats, Workshops, and Meeting Facilitation

We organize, plan and conduct retreats, workshops and meetings so the participants can focus on the issues and topics of the day.  We formulate and customize the agendas to meet specific goals of the customer. 


v     Information Gathering

Focus Groups, Surveys, Individual In-Depth Interviews, Ethnography (observation of stakeholder behavior), Stakeholder Needs Assessments.


We employ a variety of techniques in order to gather the information necessary for our customers' projects.  The information gathered is critical to the decision making process of our project teams.


v     Program and Project Management


We provide program and project management services primarily for cross-functional and cross-unit teams.  These services include work planning, project scoping, implementation guidance and assistance.


We guide teams through the process of project initiation and control in order to reach a successful conclusion by applying knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities, with the objective of meeting stakeholder needs and expectations.