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Organization Improvement Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

About Us

The goal of our work is to build processes and services that benefit all members of the University community: students, faculty, staff, and others.  While we regularly engage each of these constituencies in order to understand the kinds of services they need and want, the bulk of our work directly supports executives and managers who are responsible for delivering services and administering processes. The assets we bring to these efforts include:

            --   Skill in process design and facilitation,

            --   Creation of a neutral forum so that people solve problems
   and develop new strategies,

            --   Understanding of current practices in organization change
   and consulting, and

            --   Knowledge of improvement efforts throughout higher education.

We believe that everyone associated with the University of Southern California is
committed to its success.  Our role is not to impose solutions on or to manage the
work of others, but to assist them in realizing their own aspirations for more
effective, customer-driven processes and services.