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Equipment Management
Division of Financial and Business Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do when a piece of equipment is loaned to Faculty, Staff, or Students?

If the Loan of equipment is to faculty, staff, or students for off-campus use in a University program the person in charge of the Asset (custodian) must login to CAMS and go to the "Lookup and Maintenance" section and click on the “Asset” process where they must enter the Asset / Tag number (if available). Once on the Asset Lookup page click on “edit” then go to the Asset location section. Change the information on the right under "new" for the Campus to “OTH”, remove the Building and Room number. Next, proceed to the Off Campus section and enter the required information. During the period of the loan to any of the above mentioned individuals, the stated equipment becomes the liability of the individual having custody.

When the loan is terminated, the department chairperson or property custodian must go back and log in CAMS and change location from the secondary location, back to the university location.


See Equipment Management Policies & Procedures, page 16.

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