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Equipment Management
Division of Financial and Business Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am selling an asset thru Surplus Sales? Do I need to do anything in CAMS?

If you are selling one or a couple of assets thru Surplus Sales, user can go to Financial Main Menu, Lookup and Maintenance section, Capital Asset Management subsection, and click on the asset link. When the asset lookup screen appears, enter the tag number of the asset to be sold. When the system displays the asset in the Results, select “Edit” action.

Go to the Asset Location tab. Change the location Campus Code: UPC, Building Code: UPX, and Room Number: 109. This action will send an acknowledgement to Surplus Sales.

Surplus Sales will contact person submitting location change for pick up. Surplus Sales will not pick up any tagged assets that have not been fully approved by the change of location edoc.

If the asset is rejected or is not sold, the asset will be returned to the original asset location and updated in CAMS by Surplus Sales.

Categories: CAMS Functional Processing