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Equipment Management
Division of Financial and Business Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to the assets within my responsibility?

There may be number of different reasons why the user cannot see all of the assets they expect to see.

  1. User doesn’t have access to all the account numbers or organization codes necessary to view all the assets they expect to see. User needs to request additional user access.
    1. In order to view or update assets in CAMS, you must have appropriate access granted. This is determined by your Account Level Security access assigned in KFS. Current account level access is available. Assets that are paid for by any account user has access to in the General Ledger, user can view/update those assets. In addition, with fiscal officer approval, user can add Organization Code access to CAMS for access to all assets within a particular organization code or organization code mask. See the CAMS web page for a link to the user access form. Formal CAMS tab will be added to the Kuali User Access Form available on the Workflow Main Menu. Until then, the user access form spreadsheet on the CAMS web page may be added to a General Purpose edoc and submitted to Cathy Maddaford for approval and user access.
  2. Asset Lookup or Asset Payment Lookup display results only displays the first 500 assets or payments that meets the user’s search critieria. There may be more available for user’s search criteria but not all are displayed. User should narrow down the search criteria to view the specific assets the user wants to see.
  3. Cognos reporting may be used to view more than 500 assets at the same time.

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