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Equipment Management
Division of Financial and Business Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the procedures for trade-in; exchange; or returns to a vendor for new equipment?

Equipment that is being used as a trade-in for a new piece of equipment must be identified on the new requisition. This is actually a two fold transaction: an acquisition and disposal.  The tag number of the old piece of equipment and the trade-in value must be noted on the Capital Asset Management tab on eMarket when preparing the Requisition to ensure that the equipment being traded in is removed from CAMS.

The department must notify Equipment Management via email when a piece of equipment previously tagged, is being exchanged or returned to the vendor (without cost) for a replacement item. Once the new equipment is received, please call Equipment Management so that the new item may be tagged.

Location of CAMS in Kuali

See Equipment Management Policy, page 8.

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