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Equipment Management
Division of Financial and Business Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I inform Equipment Management about a piece of equipment that is not working or that the department no longer needs?

Excess University-owned equipment that is in working condition but is no longer required by a department should be sold through Surplus Sales in accordance with the University's Purchasing Services Policies. Department must log in to CAMS and go to the “Asset Location Global” section and change the location of the Asset to UPX Room # 109. Once you make the location changes, Surplus Sales will contact the individual making the changes, to follow-up and make all the arrangement.

Any University-owned equipment that has been damaged to the extent it is completely unserviceable for its intended use will be removed from the Equipment Management System once the person responsible for the Asset log in to CAMS and go to the “Asset Retirement Global” section and retire the item with the appropriate reason code. The Asset will be removed from the active status file, and move to the CAMS Retirement file. If the Asset you are retiring was procured on a Sponsored Account (53xxx) for which the title is vested with the Sponsored Agency/Government or the account status still active, CAMS will not allow you to retire the Asset and a notification will be send to Equipment Management for the approval.

When Government-owned equipment becomes excess to the contract or grant for which it was provided, it is screened against the need of other contracts and grants prior to being declared excess to the University. If there is need for the equipment within the University, the Administrative Contracting Officer is asked for authority to transfer the equipment to another contract or grant for continual use (please see Transfer section for procedures regarding transfer of equipment). If there is no need, a letter and a complete listing of the excess equipment is submitted to the Administrative Contracting Officer requesting disposition instructions. If the Property is no longer needed to perform the contract, the Principal Investigator must inform the Equipment Management Department of the condition of the equipment, i.e., used, fair, good, etc. The Equipment Management Manager will prepare the Standard Form 1428 and promptly submit the schedule to the cognizant Administrative Officer.

Location of CAMS in Kuali

See Equipment Management Policies & Procedures, page 20: Disposal.

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