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Equipment Management
Division of Financial and Business Services
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Welcome to Equipment Management

The Equipment Management Department is responsible for establishing and maintaining a university "Capital Asset Management System" (referred to as CAMS).  CAMS adhers to the screen and reporting requirements of sponsoring agencies, promotes control and accountability of equipment, assists in calculating depreciation for indirect cost recovery, provides data for adequate insurance coverage, and serves as the official equipment record at the university.  In addtion, the Equipment Management Department:

  • maintains the official equipment records for all university-owned, government-owned, donated, and other sponsor-owned equipment;
  • identifies the equipment...   (More?  See 'Equipment Management Policy Manual')

See Equipment Management Glossary for definitions of 'equipment' and other terms used in equipment management and inventory adjustment.







Equipment Management FAQ's - FAQ's covering CAMS, Equipment, Equipment Acquisition, Inventory Adjustment, Biennial Physical Inventory, and Reports.

Equipment Management Policy Manual - Policies and Procedures (Rev: 08/2015 )

Where is the CAMS system? - CAMS is on the Kuali Financial Main menu (see image)...