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Student Financial Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

Common Student Account Fees & Transactions

Student Financial Services cannot make adjustments to, or remove charges posted by another department.

Please use the list below to find the correct department to contact with any questions you may have about charges on your student account, their purpose and whether they can be removed.

Commitment deposits
Departmental fees (ENGR / Math)
Housing  (HSG; damages, electricity, etc..)
Lab fees
Late fees & finance charges
Meal Plans
New Student Fee
Norman Topping fee

Orientation session fees
Overseas Study
Other Fees
      - Online Access fee
      - Parking Citations
Refunds (eRefund, Bursar Account)
Student Dental Insurance

Student Health Center fee
Student Health Insurance
Student Programming fee
Tuition Refund Insurance
Undergrad Student Services fee
      - Spirit Activities Card
      - Season football tickets...

For NEW Students:
Commitment Deposit
Applicants who have been accepted to attend USC are asked to pay a commitment deposit. This deposit is not refundable, however it IS applicable to tuition and will be posted to the student's account after registration.
  • $300 Non-refundable Commitment Deposit paid to USC Admissions Office
  • Non-refundable Commitment Deposit (amount varies by school) paid to school, ie: Dental School, Marshall School of Business, etc...

CONTACT: Your department

New Student Fee
The mandatory New Student Fee (aka: New Stud. Orient. Pubs/Progs), is charged to every new student, and applies to Welcome Week programming at the start of the semester. The New Student Orientation fee is different for undergraduates and for graduates (formerly known as the Mandatory Orientation Fee) and is only charged once. For more information, please contact the Office of Orientation.

The New Student Orientation Fee is not the same as orientation session fees paid for attending out-of-state or on-campus orientation sessions.

CONTACT:  Office of Orientation

For NEW & Continuing Students:
Current Tuition Rates & Fees The USC Catalogue has current estimate rates for the appropriate academic year. This link includes information about: current tuition rates, various program fees, mandatory fees, parking fees, special fees, late fees, finance charges, etc.

CONTACT: Department offering course (see 'Tuition & Fees' in the Schedule of Classes at )

Academic Departmental Fees
These charges are assessed based on either your program or the courses for which you are registered.  For more information on mandatory fees for the current semester / term, please refer to the Schedule of Classes for your courses or program. 

CONTACT: Department offering course or service (see Schedule of Classes)


(annual signup)

Enrollment for the optional student dental plan is by academic year, and is only available in the fall. For more information, please visit the Engemann Student Health Center website at: or call 213-740-8742 for assistance.  For the Health Sciences campus, visit the Eric Cohen Student Health Center website at: or call 323-442-5989 for assistance.

CONTACT: Engemann Student Health Center or call (213) 749-9355.

eRefund (ACH)
eRefunds are automatic refunds for an eligible credit balance on the student's account.  During Fall and Spring terms, refunds do not begin until the Wednesday before the start of classes. eRefunds are only available for those who have signed up on for the eRefund Direct Deposit service and set up with a valid checking/savings U.S. bank account.

CONTACT: Cashier's Office

Bank Card Adjustment A Bank Card Adjustment is used to adjust overpayment of tuition and fees. When a debit / credit card was used for payment, any credit balance reflected on your student account must first be credited back to any debit / credit card used for payment (up to the amount that was charged). A credit refund transaction should appear on your next debit / credit card bank statement.
Bursar Refund A Bursar refund is processed automatically for parents with a PLUS loan who requested any overage be returned to them (and not left in their student's account).  Parent Plus loans will be processed within 2-5 working days after disbursement.
Housing (HSG) All housing assessments must be paid at the time of billing or they will be considered past due and may be subject to finance charges/late fees. Please be sure to check your student account regularly on to prevent late fees and penalties.
Questions about the Housing Activity fee or other USC Housing fees (ie: 'Housing Activity Fee', 'College Hall Rent', etc.), charges, deposits and refunds should be directed to the Housing Office.
If you are a resident of USC Housing: Any late vacate, common area damage or miscellaneous cleaning fees will be charged in June. If your rent does not include electricity, you should expect a final electricity charge on your USC student account in summer.
Each student in university housing is charged an activity fee of $50 (subject to change) per term/semester to support group outings and programming coordinated by the Office for Residential Education.
A $45 nonrefundable application processing fee must be made at the time you submit your housing application.
  • Confirmation Fee
    An $800 confirmation payment must be made at the time you confirm your housing contract for Fall/Spring terms.
    The confirmation payment for contracts for Spring and Summer terms is $400.
    The contract confirmation payment will be credited back to the student's account if the resident fulfills the terms of his/her contract, (usually in December and May).
  • Electricity Charges
    If you are assigned to a building where electricity is not included in the rent, the cost for electricity will automatically be charged to your account twice a semester (electricity charges are always billed after-the-fact).
  • Moving Services
    Housing offers ship-to-home, summer storage and other moving services.
  • Rent
    Housing rent charges for undergraduate buildings are billed once per semester. Rent for graduate and family buildings is billed on a monthly basis.

Housing's Check-Out Guide 2015:
This brochures discusses things like: Maintenance, Parking, Safety Equipment, Keys, Electricity, Vacuum Cleaners, etc.

CONTACT: Questions about USC Housing fees, charges, deposits and refunds should be directed to the Housing Office.

Late Fees
Finance Charges
If any charge remains unpaid after the due date it is considered past due. Past due accounts are subject to late settlement fees at the beginning of each term, in each of the first 3 weeks after the due date.  Students who register after the start of classes are assessed a late registration fee.  And, finance charges are assessed on past due balances 12 tiomes per year when monthly billings statements are prepared.
CONTACT: For more info, see Schedule of Classes: Tuition & Fees at for the term in question.

Meal Plans

- administered by USCard

All meal plans are billed once each term.

Meal Plan & Dining information: 
Visit USC Hospitality’s web site at:
for additional meal plan and dining information, or call 213-740-6285 with any questions you may have.

Meal Plans & USCard Services:
Visit the USCard web site at:  to select or change your meal plan and for card services information, or call 213-740-8709 with any questions you may have.

Norman H. Topping
Student Aid
The $8 Norman H. Topping Fee is a mandatory charge students voted to assess themselves years ago and is used to fund scholarships for low-income students. This fee is assessed to all students each semester.

CONTACT: Questions about this fee should be directed to Student Affairs.

Overseas Travel (Special fees, Insurance, etc.) Please contact the School/Department offering the program in which you are participating.

For information on Parking Passes, please go to:

All rates include 10% LA Parking Occupancy Tax. Online orders will be charged a $10 convenience fee which is Non-refundable. Rates subject to change without notice.

CONTACT: Questions about Parking fees should be directed to Transportation Services.

USC parking citations may be paid online using Transportation Services' CITATIONS webpage:

The CITATIONS website also allows you to search for tickets using:

  • ticket number
  • vehicle /license plate information
  • your customer ID

CONTACT: Questions about Parking regulations and citations should be directed to Transportation Services suing their Citations website.

Season Football Tickets
          - or -
Spirit Activities Card
USC Ticket Office
If you have purchased student season football tickets,  the purchase may show up on your student account with this transaction description:
  • "USCard- Discretionary Plan..."

Season tickets for students for fall 2015 will be $185 for 7 games.

CONTACT: Questions about Football Season Tickets should be directed to:
Ticket Office at .

Student Health
See the Engemann Student Health Center Website at for updates on term insurance rates.
Student Health Insurance is mandatory, unless you can prove that you already have comparable health insurance coverage. Student Health Insurance Plan enrollments and waivers are available from OASIS, under the 'Other Services' tab.

If your student health insurance waiver is approved you will receive an email with this subject:
      "University of Southern California Health Insurance Waiver Request: Accepted"

All students carrying 6 units or more are automatically enrolled in the USC student health insurance plan. All international and Health Sciences campus students are required to have health insurance even if they carry less than 6 units, and are automatically enrolled. The health insurance plan works in conjunction with the university's Engemann Student Health Centers. For this reason, all students enrolled in the insurance plan are required to pay the student health fee and access their primary care at the Student Health Center on their campus. Students who are registered for classes at off-campus locations (ie: Skirball Center or Orange County) will follow a different health plan structure. 


  • If you are a Graduate or PhD student who is receiving a Health Award from your academic department, you may not request a health insurance waiver.
  • If you are enrolled in one or more sessions held at the Health Sciences campus and one or more sessions held at the University Park campus, you may be charged the health service and insurance fee for both campuses. You are required to pay only one health service and one insurance fee. Please contact the Engemann Student Health Center on either campus to have your bill adjusted.

These amounts are subject to change. For questions or more information, please visit the Engemann Student Health Center website at: or call 213-740-8742 for assistance.  For the Health Sciences campus, visit the Eric Cohen Student Health Center website at: or call 323-442-5989 for assistance.

CONTACT: Engemann Student Health Center 

Student Health Center Service Fee

See the Engemann Student Health Center Website at for updates on term fees.

The Student Health Center Service Fee is not the same as the Student Health Insurance Fee. The Student Health Center Service Fee, covers most services at the Engemann Student Health Center, is a mandatory fee charged each semester for all students taking 6 or more units during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Students enrolled in summer classes are charged for services based on the number of weeks they are in session.  Students not enrolled in summer session, may use the Engemann Student Health Center by paying the summer health fee.  The Schedule of Classes ( ) for each term states the Student Health Center Service Fee for that term (note: for fall/spring terms, this fee applies to students with a load of 6 units or more, for summer terms it applies to all enrolled students regardless of the number of units taken).

These fees are subject to change.  For specific information on student health center fees please visit the Engemann Student Health Center website at:  call (213) 740-9355, or email .

CONTACT: Engemann Student Health Center
Student Programming Fee
Undergraduates: The Student Programming fee is mandatory for all undergraduates taking 6 or more units. More information:  

Graduate Students: The Grad Student Programming fee is assessed to all graduate students regardless of the number of units taken. Graduate students taking less than six units may request a fee waiver from GPSS. More information:

CONTACT: For more information, click on Tuition & Fees under the Schedule of Classes for the appropriate semester.

Tuition Refund Insurance is an optional insurance that students may purchase for a small fee during fall, spring and summer terms. It provides a refund of tuition and fees to a student who must withdraw from all classes due to an illness or accidental injury.

The Tuition Refund Insurance Program is offered through a private insurance carrier, A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. It is an inexpensive form of protection, and we urge that you carefully read the information concerning the plan. Brochures are available in the Office of Academic Records and Registrar.

CONTACT: Office of Academic Records and Registrar

UG Student Service Fee
Undergraduate Student Services fee, mandatory.

For more information look under "Tuition & Fees" in the Schedule of Classes for the term at: .

USC Pmt Plan Budget Change This student account transaction description could be the result of a student or parent request for a Payment Plan budget change or the result of an internal audit of the account, which occurs when there is a credit balance. The first two budget changes are free.

CONTACT: Student Financial Services

USCard Questions about USCard and Meal Plan fees should be directed to USCard Services.

If you purchase(d) a student Football Season Ticket, this charge may be listed on your student account under the transaction name: "USCard- Discretionary Plan...".  Questions about the student Football Season Ticket should be directed to the Ticket Office.