SPA 360 on Business Intelligence/Cognos

How to access SPA 360:

  • Log into Kuali.
  • In the top right corner, select “Business Intelligence.”
  • In the dashboard/EDW-Business Intelligence tab, under the second column, select “SPA 360.”
  • Select and enter the search criteria. Note: You must have access to the account to view data.
  • Under results, select the appropriate item.
  • Select “Finish.” Note: Kuali data updates will be reflected in SPA 360 on the following business day.

Account information available on SPA 360:

  • Award information – award source, title, dates, current rates, etc.
  • Satellite(s) associated with the master account (only displays account(s) user has access to)
  • Agency contact information
  • Billing information – billing frequency, total billed, total payment received, etc. Note: only reflects payments for invoices generated after October 2014
  • Indirect cost recovery (ICR) fixed rate for each fiscal year
  • Financial reporting – reporting frequency, due dates, report amounts, report type, etc.
  • Financial reporting history – dates and amounts for completed reports
  • Cost-share information
  • General account remarks
  • Terms and conditions from the Kuali Coeus (KC) award – also used for the SPA Budget Reallocation terms and condition validation
  • Account contacts – principal investigator (PI), co-PI, business administrator, fiscal officer, Department of Contracts and Grants officer, SPA accountant and Contracts and Grants Billing (CGB) fund manager

Contact the SPA accountant for inquiries related to:

  • Account creation and modification
  • Initial budget setup
  • Detailed budgets

Contact the CGB fund manager for inquiries related to:

  • Financial reports
  • Financial closeouts
  • Invoices/drawdowns
  • SPA budget reallocations
  • Other financial matters