Modifying a Sponsored Projects Account and Budget

Account information and budget can be modified in Kuali Financial System (KFS) in several ways, depending on the type of award and the type of modification.

All Sponsored Projects Accounts:

To reallocate budget during the project/budget period, use the KFS SPA Budget Reallocation module.

Recharge Center Accounts:

To request modification of a recharge center account, complete the Recharge Center Account Modification Form.

Federal Student Aid Accounts:

To request modification of a federal student aid account, complete the Federal Student Aid Account Modification Form.

Research/Training Accounts:


Prior approval required

Common types of modifications that require sponsor prior approval:

  • Award title change
  • Investigator change
  • No cost extension
  • Date change
  • Early termination
  • Indirect cost recovery (ICR) rate
  • Carryover of unobligated funds
  • Additional funding (supplement, increment, continuation, etc.)
  • Funding reduction (de-obligation)

Process for approval and modification:

  • To request approval for such modifications, contact your account’s Department of Contracts and Grants officer listed in SPA 360.
  • After the Kuali Coeus (KC) award and/or budget are modified, the Department of Contracts and Grants notifies SPA.
  • SPA then updates the KFS account (master or satellite) and budget, generally within two business days. Note: SPA cannot edit the account and/or budget in KFS until the changes are made in KC.
  • The principal investigator and business administrator will be emailed instructions on how to access and view account and budget information and, if applicable, how to request a detailed budget and/or internal satellite account.
  • A change to the master account will not automatically be reflected on internal satellite accounts. To update an internal satellite account, complete the Account Modification Form.

Prior approval not required

Common types of modifications that do not require sponsor prior approval:

  • Existing accounts:
    • Complete the Account Modification Form to request change of the following:
      • Business administrator/account manager
      • Fiscal officer
      • Principal investigator for internal satellites
      • Organization code
  • Future accounts: