Sponsored Projects Accounting

The Office of Sponsored Projects Accounting oversees the post-award financial administration of sponsored research for the university, including:

  • Award, Award Line, and Grant Worktag information (setup and modification)
  • Plan/Budget (detailed budget and reallocation)
  • Invoices
  • Accounts receivable
  • Financial reports
  • Expense transfers

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  • SPA 2021/2022 Workday Fiscal Year-End Closing Procedures/Deadlines:
    Workday Tasks Procedures/Deadlines
    Payroll Accounting Adjustments Submit into SPA’s inbox by Wednesday, 7/13/2022 to be considered for FY 2021/2022.
    Non-Payroll Accounting Adjustments / Cost Transfers / Journals related to Grant worktags Submit into SPA’s inbox by Friday, 7/22/2022 to be considered for FY 2021/2022.
    Budget Amendments Submit into SPA’s inbox by Wednesday, 7/27/2022 with Amendment Date with June 2022 to be considered for FY 2021/2022.
  • Workday Financial Released on July 6!
    Our website now has new content regarding information and procedures for Grants Management related Workday processes. Please visit the the USC Workday Imagine website for more information about Workday.
  • SPA 2020/2021 Year-End Closing Procedures/Deadlines are now available!
    View our Year-End Closing Procedures/Deadlines memo for procedures and due dates related to SPA processes. UPDATE: Due to the 13-series close extension, Detailed Budget and SPA Budget Reallocation submission dates have been extended to Friday, July 23, 2021.
  • NEW Process regarding Satellite Establishment for Subawards!
    Effective November 1, 2020, each new subaward issued under a new or existing award, will be set up under a unique satellite account in KFS. This change is to streamline the conversion of financial data from KFS to Workday Finance. See the notice form the IMAGINE Finance Transformation Team and SPA’s email announcement.
  • Per the university’s guidance regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, our office will be closed until further notice and will continue to operate remotely during our normal business hours. Please refer to the following information to accommodate for the change:
    • Mail – All mail and packages will be redirected to USC Mailing Services, which with then be compiled for our office to pick up once a week on Fridays. To ensure delivery to our office, please add our mail code “8001” in the address. For example:

      Sponsored Projects Accounting Office
      3500 South Figueroa Street, Suite 102
      Los Angeles, CA 90089-8001
      Via campus mail: UGB 102 – MC 8001

    • Contact – Should you have any questions or concerns, we recommend contacting our staff via email.
      Name Email Address Phone Number
      Andy Castillo andycast@usc.edu (213) 740-0403
      Bodrae Choi bodraech@usc.edu (213) 821-6404
      Carmen Martinez carmenma@usc.edu (213) 821-6414
      Carol Chau chauc@usc.edu (213) 821-6422
      Cindy Lee cmlee@usc.edu (213) 740-5381
      Corazon Esliza esliza@usc.edu (213) 821-6407
      Edith Ducy ducy@usc.edu (213) 740-0401
      Evelyn Chiang efchiang@usc.edu (213) 821-6415
      Francis Hui huifranc@usc.edu (213) 821-6408
      Genesis Gutierrez genesisg@usc.edu (213) 821-6412
      Gina Galang fernando@usc.edu (213) 821-6403
      Hiyori Tokairin htokairi@usc.edu (213) 821-6426
      Norma Ramirez nlramire@usc.edu (213) 821-6424
      Robin Yang xdy@usc.edu (213) 821-6409
      Shawn Suzuki shawnsuz@usc.edu (213) 821-6405
      Stacey Arthur sarthur@usc.edu (213) 821-6407


  • SPA Lockbox Officially Closed:
    As of June 4, 2019, SPA is no longer receiving payments through our lockbox address (File No. 52095, Los Angeles, CA 90074-2095). Please forward all payments to our physical address:

Sponsored Projects Accounting Office
3500 South Figueroa Street, Suite 102
Los Angeles, CA 90089-8001