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Charter Buses

Each of USC's contract charter bus companies:

  • Meets USC's insurance requirements
  • Certifies that it operates in compliance with federal and state transportation regulations
  • Offers contract rates and services for USC customers
  • Accepts either a university purchase order and/or a Travel Card
Charter Bus Contracts

Because USC's contract with each of these charter bus companies covers all the legal, insurance, and payment provisions, departments can communicate directly with the contractor of their choice. There is no need to obtain authorized signatures for event-specific contracts.

Departure within southern California Departure outside southern California
Fast Deer Bus Charter, Inc. Busbank
Gold Coast Tours Crown International Travel
Nada Bus, Inc.  
First Student  


Requesting Charter Bus Service

When requesting charter bus service, use the Charter Bus Itinerary forms/website (below) to communicate a request to a contract charter bus company.

Charters originating within Southern California:

Charters originating outside of Southern California:


Use of the Travel Card is encouraged with contract charter bus companies. Larger orders can be placed via Purchase Order. If paying via Purchase Order, follow these >>tips<<  to make sure the Requisition is set up properly, and to expedite any deposits and balances due.