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Travel Management Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

Paperless Purchase Orders & Internal Requisitions


Purpose of Paperless Purchase Orders & Internal Requisitions for Travel

All contract travel agencies (CTAs) accept either a paperless purchase order (preferred) or a paper internal requisition for the billing of official university airfare.  All CTAs, with the exception of Expedia, also accept a paperless purchase order or internal requisition for contract rental cars, executive ground transportation, and local hotels.   


Preferred Method: Paperless Purchase Orders

Use of a paperless purchase order with CTAs is new, effective March 18, 2008.  Because of the many benefits associated with the automated process, use of a paperless purchase order is preferred. Specific advantages are posted on the following website: 


Alternative Method:  Internal Requisitions


Internal Requisitions will still be accepted by CTAs until further notice.  Internal requisitions are paper forms that need to be faxed to the applicable CTA.  Transactions typically post 30-60 days after the purchase date on the department's Account Status Report (ASR). More information about paper internal requisitions, including the JV Cycle, are posted on the following website:

Direct Bill Attachments

If a local hotel or executive ground transportation is to be direct billed, a direct bill attachment is required (for both paperless purchase orders and internal requisitions).  The direct bill attachment should be completed and faxed to the applicable CTA.