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Space Management
Division of Financial and Business Services

Annual University-wide Space Utilization Survey


A copy of the 2017 Survey letter (dated 02/10/2017) was emailed to all Senior Business Administrators explaining USC's Space Utilization Survey. This survey is the mechanism used to collect and verify data regarding university space and includes current room numbers, room types, room assignments, space activity codes (SAC codes may be found on pages 3-7 of the Space Survey Letter), and the assignable net square footage for every room.

If the space survey is to be done by someone other than you, please forward the survey to them and ask them to indicate their contact information when they return it. We will be contacting you or your designated representative to arrange for an on-site physical survey of the facilities and space assigned to your area.

If your department leases off-campus space that is not identified in your survey, please identify the leased space by listing the following:

  • Address of leased space
  • Room numbers of space (if available)
  • Type of room
  • Occupants (by title and SAC)
  • Space Activity Code (SAC)
  • Total net space leased


After completing your survey, please add your name, the date and your telephone number and return the survey by email to no later than Wednesday, May 3, 2017.

If you have any questions, please email Space Management at, or call us at 213-821-2110 or 213-821-2112.