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Space Management
Division of Financial and Business Services
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Welcome to Space Management

2017 Space Utilization Survey submission deadline is Wednesday May 3, 2017.

The Department of Space Management is responsible for auditing and inventorying all university space, including:

  • Identification of individual room usage, occupants, and the overall utilization of university space
  • Conducting an annual Space Utilization Survey that requires on-sight verification
  • Reviewing and ensuring the accuracy of floor plans for all university owned buildings

At USC, an annual space survey is performed.  This survey is the mechanism used to collect and verify current room numbers, room types, room assignment, name of occupants, the space activity codes (SAC) for each room, and the assignable net square footage. The information gathered from USC's annual space survey is utilized as follows:

  • To provide space documentation required for federal indirect cost reimbursement.
  • To collect and update data related to space utilization at the university.
  • To submit data to the Office of Budget and Planning to be used in the allocation of space related costs associated with the upcoming university budget cycle.



Beginning in 2009, we began offering a more convenient method for delivery and return of the space survey.  You will receive an email for the annual Space Survey which will includes two attachments:

For 2017, the annual space survey is due no later than Wednesday May 3, 2017.  After your survey has been completed and returned, we will contact you to set up a time for the walk-through.

* FAQ: Why do I see an EXCEL error message when I open the emailed survey spreadsheet?