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  • Grants Management Training
  • SPA Budget Reallocation (SBR) Training

    Grants Management Training (offered through the Department of Contracts and Grants)

    Visit the Grants Management Training page for more details.

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    SPA Budget Reallocation Training

    Formerly known as Paperless Budget Change for grant (5x) accounts only. Training is required for SPA Budget Reallocation before access is granted.

      General SBR Training Information

      Training Request Submit SBR Training request through the Kuali General Purpose Workflow Document (GPWD) and ad-hoc to SPA. See How to Submit Training Request for details.
      Training Location In the SPA Conference Room located on the UPC Campus, University Garden Building, Room 102 (UGB 102). View Map.
      Training Frequency Every first and third Thursday of the month from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

      • Must select from one of the predetermined dates from the SBR Training Schedule, no exceptions.
      • Training is subject to cancellation depending on number of attendees. SPA will notify trainees upon cancellation.
      • Training will not occur on dates that coincide with University Holidays.
      Training Cancellation Cancel or reschedule at any time before the scheduled training date.

      • Note that the GPWD request will be canceled and a new request must be submitted if:

        • Trainee fails to schedule training within 30 days of submission, or
        • Trainee fails to attend scheduled training without notification to SPA.

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      SBR Training Schedule

      Training Dates
      December 21, 2017
      January 4, 2018
      January 18, 2018
      February 1, 2018
      February 15, 2018
      March 1, 2018
      March 15, 2018
      April 5, 2018
      April 19, 2018
      May 3, 2018
      May 17, 2018
      June 7, 2018
      June 21, 2018
      July 5, 2018
      July 19, 2018
      August 2, 2018
      August 16, 2018
      September 6, 2018
      September 20, 2018
      October 4, 2018
      October 18, 2018
      November 1, 2018
      November 15, 2018
      December 6, 2018
      December 20, 2018

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      How to Submit Training Request:
    1. Submit the SBR training request through the Kuali General Purpose Workflow Document (GPWD) located in Kuali Financial System (KFS) under the Workflow Main Menu tab.

    2. Complete the fields and submit the eDoc:
      Field Name Entry
      Description Type in "SBR Training Request"
      Explanation Type in "Training request for SBR access."
      Message Indicate the trainee's first and last name, and select 3 preferred dates (refer to the SBR Training Schedule), with the first selection being the most preferred date.
      "Trainee: John Doe
      Preferred Dates:
      1. ##/##/####
      2. ##/##/####
      3. ##/##/####"
      Ad Hoc Recipients 1. Ad Hoc 'Approve' to appropriate departmental approval route, if applicable.
      2. Ad Hoc 'Approve' to SPA (username: 'chauc').

      Note: Please remember to click the "Add" button after entering the username.

    3. SPA will note the confirmed training date on the GPWD eDoc under the Notes and Attachments section, and Ad Hoc 'FYI' the eDoc to the initiator. The initiator will receive a Kuali Action List Reminder email. Note: the GPWD will remain under 'Enroute' status until the user completes training.

    4. After training is completed, SPA will add a note on the GPWD to confirm the user's completion and direct to proceed with the access request submission process. Note: Do not Ad Hoc SPA to this eDoc.


      How to Submit User Access Request Form:

    1. After training completion is confirmed by SPA on the GPWD, contact your Fiscal Officer (as known as, Senior Business Officer)or Director of Research to submit your request through the Kuali User Access Request Form.

        For User Access Request Form instructions, click here.
        For SBR Role Numbers and descriptions, click here.

    2. Allow 2-3 working days from the day of submission for the access to reflect in Kuali.



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