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Sponsored Projects Accounting
Division of Financial and Business Services

Policies & Information

  • Budget Changes
  • Cost Transfers
  • Journal Vouchers
  • Recharge Accounts
  • Satellite Accounts

  • Budget Changes

    Cost Transfers
    • Cost Transfer General Information

    • Cost Transfer Procedures/Policy

      The Cost Transfer Procedures document explains the requirements and procedure for Cost Transfers on Sponsored Project Accounts.
    • Understanding Cost Transfers

      A three-minute presentation from National Council of University Research Admistrators (NCURA) YouTube, given by David Mayo from the California Institute of Technology, whom discusses the primary things to be aware of when dealing with cost transfers.

    Journal Vouchers (JV)

    • JVs are used to record miscellaneous financial transactions, including interdepartmental income, external income, transfers between accounts, receivables, payables, gifts and investments.

    • View Kuali Journal Vouchers for more information.

    Recharge Accounts

    Satellite Accounts

    • Who Creates Satellites:

      Satellite accounts that are mandated by the Award's Terms and Conditions are created by Department of Contracts and Grants.

      Satellite accounts that are not mandated by the Award's Terms and Conditions are created by Sponsored Projects Accounting.

    • How to Establish a Satellite through SPA:

      For Satellite Establishment Form, please view the Forms page. Satellite establishment request forms are submitted in the same manner as budget changes.

      Note that Satellite Establishment forms created by the unit/department are also accepted given that they provide the following crucial information regarding the NEW SATELLITE:

      • Preferably the 10-digit account number. However, must at least provide the first 6-digits of the new satellite account number
      • Organization Code
      • Name of Principal Investigator and his/her USC NetID/Shibboleth/Kuali Username
      • Department Liaison and his/her USC NetID/Shibboleth/Kuali Username
      • Fiscal Officer (Senior Business Officer) and his/her USC NetID/Shibboleth/Kuali Username
      • Project Title
      • Budget Period Start and End Dates
      • Detailed Budget from Master/Satellite to the new Satellite (specify object codes)


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