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Sponsored Projects Accounting
Division of Financial and Business Services


Journal Voucher Training
Complete the Journal Voucher Application form to request that an employee receive training and access to enter SPA Journal Vouchers for sponsored accounts.

See Kuali Journal Voucher for more details.
SPA Budget Reallocation Training
Formerly known as Paperless Budget Change. Training is required for SPA Budget Reallocation before access is granted. Please visit the Kuali Training website for more details.
Staff Development Training (offered through Professional Development)
The Introduction to Sponsored Projects Accounting class will introduce individuals who work with sponsored accounts to the functions and unique features of Sponsored Projects. This workshop explores: how this office interacts with the daily operations of the University; and the different state, federal, and private agencies that fund sponsored research at USC.
Grants Management Education (offered through the Office of Compliance)

The Grants Management Education Program consists of two courses:

  • A course primarily designed to address fiscal and administrative issues associated with sponsored projects from project proposal through closeout, which will be presented via live lectures and case studies.
  • A course that emphasizes research integrity issues, such as conflict of interest, scientific misconduct, peer review, data management and mentoring, which will be available.

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