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Taxes & Tax Credits > 11/14/2012 Email to Students

Text of an email sent to students on 11/14/2012 about the IRS' legal requirement that USC collect students' SSN / ITIN.

If you have any further questions about this email you can reach us at .

From: USC Bursar Administration <>

Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 12:20 PM

To: [student name]

Subject: Legal Requirement to Collect Social Security Number



Dear [student name],


Our records show that you have enrolled during the 2012 calendar year or for the Spring 2013 semester and that we do not have a social security number (SSN) on record for you.


The United States Internal Revenue Service requires the university to collect the name, SSN, and dollar amount of all students' qualified transactions and report that information on IRS Form 1098-T.  This information provides the IRS with a basis for amounts claimed by a taxpayer as qualifying expenditures for the Hope Scholarship, American Opportunity, and/or Lifetime Learning Tax Credit.


In order to comply with IRS regulations, we are asking that you complete Parts I & III of IRS Form W-9S, Request for Student's or Borrower's Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification which can be found on the IRS website at .  Enter your USC student ID number under "Tuition account number" in Part III.


Because the University of Southern California is committed to protecting the privacy of your SSN and other personal information, we ask that you do not send us your information via email.  Please submit the completed form to a Registrar representative at the REG (Registration Building) service counter or mail to:


Office of the Registrar

University of Southern California

University Park Campus

601 Exposition Blvd, REG 100

Los Angeles, CA 90089-0912




If you fail to provide a correct SSN before December 31, 2012, you may be subject to a fine by the IRS.  In addition, your Form 1098-T will not be filed with your correct taxpayer ID number which will result in delays in filing your or your parents taxes. Requests to correct the number after the fact can take several weeks to complete.


Please visit our website at for more information on the IRS Form 1098-T.