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Student Financial Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

Frequently Asked Questions


  About Student Accounts  
  About Student Account bills / statements  
  About changing your address
  About Transactions  
  About Credit Balances and Refunds  
  Payroll CWSP and Student Worker website  
  About ebills at USC  
  About email at USC  
  About - online student account inquiry and payment  
  About Fees, includes Links  
  Student Health Center website  
  About Holds on your Student Account  
  Info for International Students  
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  About Student Loans  
  For Parents, Sponsors, and Other Guests  
  About past-due balances  
  About the USC Payment Plan  
  About student account payments  
  About Refunds and Credit Balances  
  About SSN numbers  
  Teaching and Research Assistants, and Assistant Lecturers  
  About Taxes and Tax Credits, 1098-E and 1098-T  
  About our Tuition Prepayment  
  Wire Transfer Instructions  
  About Withdrawals  
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