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Student Financial Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

Checks / Payments by mail

If you have a HOLD on your account, your account is past due, or you have already been dealing with the Collections Department, please contact University Collections.

Checks must be made payable to "University of Southern California".
Student name (exactly as your record at USC shows) and 10-digit USC-ID must appear on the front of your check, to insure that your payment is credited to the proper student account in a timely manner.

Please mail CHECK payments to:
    USC Cashier's Office
    620 W McCarthy Way, Suite 21
    Los Angeles, California 90089

Please allow 5-10 business days for processing of payments mailed from within the continental U.S. If you have requested that your bank or another party make the payment for you, please allow an additional 10 business days for their processing (you will need to allow even more time for HI, AK and international mail), so that your payment may be received by the settlement deadline.


FOREIGN CHECKS / DRAFTS: (checks or drafts from non-U.S. banking institutions)

If payment cannot be sent in the form of a check in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. banking institution account,
we recommend that payment be sent via Wire Transfer.

International drafts may take an additional number of days to process as our bank contacts your bank.  We do not post a payment to your student account until our bank notifies us that the money is available.

If an international bank is referenced on a check, our bank will initiate the special domestic bank collections process which can take several weeks before we receive the funds from our bank and the payment may be posted to your account.  Because of the delay for processing of foreign drafts, we recommend that students send payment via our ONLINE Western Union wire transfers option on