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e·Bills and Billing Statements


An e·bill is a monthly email notice sent to any student with a balance due or any activity on their student account notifying them that their latest billing statement is now available online at These emailed notices are also sent to and OASIS guest user email addresses.
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY as these email notices are sent from a notification-only email account that cannot accept incoming email.

The monthly e·bill notice includes a link to the CURRENT month's "Monthly billing topics" page with contains links to current information about upcoming deadlines and other useful information.  In addition, there is an archive link at the bottom of the page to past billing topic pages.

* Email is the primary mechanism for sending official communications to USC students, see:



If you need a billing statement with all of your fall/spring tuition & fees BEFORE the term due date
please be sure to register at least 40 days before the term payment deadline.
Summer tuition & fees are assessed at time of registration and due when billed.

USC generates billings statements every 4 to 5 weeks, after payment deadlines, 12 times per year (see monthly billing schedule).  USC does not mail paper statements to currently enrolled students, however we do send e·Bills (billing notices) each month to students and their authorized guests notifying you that a new monthly billing statement is available online (if there is an outstanding balance or activity on their account during the billing period). For students who pre-register for the Fall or Spring terms in time (see Schedule of Classes for exact dates), your tuition and fees for that term will be included on the statement generated the month before the start of classes. 

Additional Information:


Payment Due Dates:

Term Settlement Deadline     (date payment is due)
5pm on the Friday before the start of classes in August
Due as billed (see billing statement for due date)
5pm on the Friday before the start of classes in January



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