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e·Bills and Billing Statements

  An e·Bill is an email notice that a new monthly billing statement is available online.
e·Bills include useful links and time-sensitive information.
Online statements are available on
Click here to see a SAMPLE Billing Statement.


USC generates billings statements every 4 to 5 weeks, after payment deadlines, 12 times per year (see monthly billing schedule).  USC does not mail paper statements to currently enrolled students, however we do send e·Bills (billing notices) each month to students and their authorized guests notifying you that a new monthly billing statement is available online (for those students with outstanding balances or activity on their account during the billing period). For students who pre-register for the Fall or Spring terms in time (see Schedule of Classes for exact dates), your tuition and fees for that term will be included on the statement generated the month before the start of classes. 

Please note that email has been adopted as the primary mechanism for sending official communications to USC students. Students, therefore, must check email regularly in order to stay abreast of important messages and notifications. Failure to read official university communications sent to students' official USC email addresses (ending in ""), does not absolve students from knowing and complying with the content of official communications. For more information on the university's email policy, please refer to the "University Governance" section in SCampus at

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Student Responsibility

If you are an enrolled student, it is your responsibility to check your official USC email account frequently for important messages (such as e-bill notices) and to make sure you do not exceed the quota on your email account.  You may choose to forward emails from your official USC account to another email address provided by your academic unit or to your personal email account, however it is your responsibility to make sure that your forwarding is set up correctly and that your official mailbox does not fill up.

When you register for classes at USC, you are personally agreeing to be held solely responsible for all tuition and fees. (See "Obligation For Payment" in the "Tuition and Fees" section of the "Schedule of Classes"). Parents and others may volunteer to pay, and if they have an email address, you may have e-bill notices sent directly to their email address by setting them up as a Guest User on OASIS or, granting them access to your account. OASIS guest user access also allows parents to set up Payment Plans for eligible students and guest user access is for your student account financial information only.

Avoid late fees by checking the system (available from MyUSC and OASIS) frequently for any additional charges.  If you need a billing statement for Fall / Spring semesters, please be sure to register early. Inability to access or use does not relieve students from the responsibility to meet the settlement deadline. If your payment will be mailed, please allow sufficient time for processing & mailing.


An e·bill is a monthly email notice sent to any student with a balance due or any activity on their student account (with a few exceptions) notifying them that their latest billing statement is now available online.  E·bills are sent to:

  • Students' official USC email address (ending in '')
  • Alternate Email Address
  • Guest user email addresses flagged to receive e·Bill notices via
    guest user setup on USCe·pay or OASIS.

The e·bill notice advises that a copy of the newest monthly statement for a student account is now available online at  In addition, the monthly e·bill notice includes various links to topics discussed.  Click here to see an archive of monthly e-bill notifications, sent to students and authorized guest users...

We generate student account statements twelve times yearly, at intervals of four to five weeks. Payments must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the due date (printed on the statement) to ensure that they are credited to the account before finance charges are assessed. 


During Fall and Spring registration periods, all tuition & fees are due by 5pm on the payment deadline, which is the Friday before the start of classes for the 'main' session. During Late Registration if you have a change of schedule or register after the start of classes, any additional tuition & fees are due by 5pm on Friday of the week in which they were incurred.  Avoid late fees and finance charges by checking your student account regularly on and paying any additional tuition and fees by 5pm PDT on Friday of the week in which the charges were made. Late penalties are assessed for unpaid balances each month after the 5pm payment deadline.  In addition, late fees of $100 per week are assessed each Monday during the first 3 weeks of Fall / Spring terms for balances which have not been settled...

Each month, billing statements are generated for all students who have outstanding balances or have activity on their student account during the month.  The student system is 'frozen' beginning at 5pm on the Friday of a monthly payment due date (which may also be a Fall / Spring tuition and fee payment deadline), and statement processing begins immediately. When the statements are ready, e·Bills (email notices with the subject "USC's New Monthly Billing Statement") are sent to all of these students and to their designated guests.


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