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Student Financial Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

Past Due Accounts:

If any charge remains unpaid after the due date it is considered past due. Past due accounts are subject to late fees at the beginning of each term, in each of the first 3 weeks after the due date. In addition, finance charges are assessed on past due balances when monthly billings statements are prepared, and HOLDS may be placed which could prevent you from registering for classes.

  • Student Accounts
    If any charge remains unpaid past the due date for the student account statement on which it first appeared, the account may be moved into collection status, at which time an activity restriction (hold) will be entered. This hold may block your access to certain University services, including registration, transcripts, USCard, housing and others. For assistance in settling your account and regaining access to services, you need to work with the University Collections Office. As long as you are working directly with the USC University Collections office to settle your past due student account, you will not be reported to credit reporting bureaus. However, if your account is assigned to an outside collection agency, the agency may report your account to a credit reporting bureau. If your account has been assigned to an outside collection agency, you will not have access to use the system.
    Click here to contact the Office of Financial Aid about Late Fees when Financial Aid has not been credited or was credited late, or to see why anticipated Financial Aid has not yet been posted.
  • Student Loans
    Student Loan payments are to be received monthly, on the 1st. We are required by Federal Law to report past due federal loans to two credit bureaus. On a monthly basis, the University will report those loan balances which were 30 days past due to two credit agencies: Equifax and Experian.
  • Payment Plan Accounts
    Payment Plan payments are to be received monthly, as arranged. Student Financial Services may cancel the USC Payment Plan if the account is delinquent two or more payments (60 days). If this happens, your unpaid Payment Plan balance will be transferred to your student account and the entire amount will be due, along with late fees which would then be assessed.
  • Rejected Payments
    If you made a payment which was 'rejected' by your bank, a returned item HOLD may be placed which would most likely also cause your student account to have a balance due and could prevent you from registering for classes.

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