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Student Financial Services
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3rd Party Payment

Agency Billing

USC students who are sponsored by a company, a local, state, federal, or international governmental agency, or branch of the US military may be eligible to have all or a portion of their bills sent directly to the sponsor. The sponsor may not require completion of the class or verification of grade as a condition of payment. Payment by the sponsor is due upon receipt of the bill.

  • Sponsors that do not already have established relationships with Agency Billing are subject to a review process before sponsorship is approved.
  • We do not accept agency billing arrangements from privately owned businesses paying for themselves or their dependents.
  • New sponsors must agree to accept USC’s invoice without modification.
  • A sample of USC's agency bill is available here.

The charges paid by the sponsor can vary -- some will pay for tuition and mandatory fees, others will also pay for parking, housing, dining, or other charges. The student is responsible for paying any charges not authorized by the agency.

Most agencies provide our sponsored agency specialist with the information needed to credit the student account and bill the agency. If you are a newly sponsored student, your agency should send documentation directly to:

Student Account Services
Attn: Agency Billing
1150 W. Jefferson Blvd., PSB 100
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1052

Phone: (213)740-0427
Fax: (213)740-0835

You may also bring an authorization letter or Tuition Voucher from your agency to Student Account Services, in PSB 106 (available in the lobby of Parking Structure B, NW corner of campus), during regular business hours. The authorization letter or Tuition Voucher should include:

  • the name of a contact person at the agency
  • the agency fax number
  • the agency phone number
  • the agency address
  • the name of the student
  • the student's 10-digit USC-ID
  • the charges they will pay
  • the duration of the sponsorship

If you are sponsored by a third party such as a cultural mission, government agency, or a Fulbright fellowship, please email a copy of your financial support or financial guarantee letter to Agency Billing at . Please include your USC-ID number in the email. Agency Billing will invoice your sponsor for any charges they agree to pay. You will need to pay for any charges not covered by your sponsor by the settlement deadline for the term.

Authorization in any form must be received prior to the settlement deadline for the term. See the Schedule of Classes for deadline information.

If the agency fails to pay the bill, the charges will be placed back on the student account and the student will be responsible for payment.

Agency billing does not provide service to students who are receiving tuition reimbursement from their sponsors. These students may be eligible to participate in the Tuition Reimbursement Plan.