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Student Financial Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

Student Account Refunds

If you have signed up for eRefunds,
all eligible credit balances are processed automatically on a daily basis.

Refunds for additional charges, including but not limited to, housing and meal plans will be determined by the office assessing the charge. In the event of a revocation of registration, 100% of any tuition paid for that semester will be first applied to any outstanding debt and any remaining credit will be available for refund. Students must request refunds from the Cashier's Office (unless they have signed up for e-Refunds also known as the ACH / Direct Deposit service). Financial Aid recipients may also be entitled to receive a refund if their aid exceeds their tuition charges.

Processing Time for Refunds, eRefunds or eRefund applications:

# Days  Process
eRefund setup and 1st refund for NEW applicants:
Online sign ups for our eRefund (ACH) service requires 2 business days for handling
as we electronically notify your bank that we will be sending refunds to your account. Once this process has completed, a refund request may begin processing, which takes an additional 2-3 business days.
2-3 eRefunds (when no debit / credit card payments were used):
Once you see the "Cashier's Office" refund on your student account, your refund has been processed and submitted to your bank.  The money will be posted to your bank account 2-3 business days later, depending on your bank (i.e.: Refunds processed on Fridays should be available by Wednesday. Refunds processed on Monday should be available by Thursday).  These refunds are processed automatically.
7-10 Credit Card / Debit Card refunds:
If you signed up for the eRefund / direct deposit service, but settled any portion of your student account with a debit/credit card, the debit/credit card must be credited back first (per banking guidelines). Debit/Credit Card refund processing time is 7–10 business days.  Any additional monies may then be processed as an eRefund (if you have signed up for that service), or a mailed check refund.
10+ Check refunds (by mail only):
Your refund may take up to a minimum of an additional 10 business days for processing and mailing (longer if mailed outside US). These refunds are processed on-demand, ie: they must be requested.

* Important facts to remember about Refunds:

  • If you are signed up for Payment Plan, refund requests must go to Student Financial Services.
  • We DO NOT process eRefunds for accounts paid by WIRE TRANSFER.
    You have 2 options: leave the wire in your account for future charges or we can return the entire wire back to the originator.
  • Fall / Spring refunds are available to be requested beginning the Wednesday before the start of classes.  Summer refunds are available beginning the first day of class.
    (See Schedule of Classes for term refund dates)
  • Payments made by check and online account transfer payments require 10 business days after they are received (to clear your bank) to become eligible for a refund.
  • Automatic ACH / Direct Deposit applications / changes take 2 business days for handling while we verify your account with your bank. eRefunds take an additional 2-3 business days after the transaction appears on your student account before your bank makes the funds available.
  • eRefunds are now processed automatically for Fall, Spring and Summer terms on qualifying credit balances and do NOT need to be requested.
  • Check refunds must be requested.

Bursar Refund (Parental PLUS loan refunds)

A Bursar refund is processed automatically for those parents with PLUS loans who requested overages to be returned to them or not left in their student's account. This refund is processed in 2-5 business days.

Withdrawal Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition and fees are refundable only by processing a cancellation of enrollment or change of program application through the Office of Academic Records and Registrar and are entirely at the option of the university. Informing your academic department or your instructor does not constitute withdrawal from the course. All withdrawals must be requested and processed by the end of the third week of classes (for most sessions: check the Schedule of Classes for your session's requirements) to be eligible for refund.


A student is required to immediately notify the Registrar and the Financial Aid Office when he or she stops attending classes.  All withdrawals must be processed by WebReg or through the Office of Academic Records and Registrar. You will be held financially liable for all classes that appear on the face of the Registration Confirmation. It is your responsibility to officially withdraw from any class which you are not attending, including but not limited to:

  1. classes which have been discontinued at the university's option
  2. situations in which you never attended even the first class meeting

If you are requesting a cancellation of enrollment and are still responsible for any housing charges, you must contact TrojanHousing and submit a separate application. The Financial Aid Office will bill the student on his or her university account for any aid which is returned. It is the student's responsibility to contact the Cashier's Office about settling their bill. 

See:  Guidelines for Withdrawal (pdf document)

All withdrawals must be requested and processed by the end of the third week of classes (for most sessions: check the Schedule of Classes for your session's requirements) to be eligible for refund. You will receive 100% refund of tuition and fees for all withdrawals completed by the end of the third week of classes (for most sessions). There is no refund for classes withdrawn from after this date. 

If a student has missed the drop deadline, they will need to contact the Academic Review Department ( to petition for a late withdrawal (including previous semesters), which is then reviewed by the Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures.

Medical Withdrawals - Tuition Refund Insurance