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Student Financial Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

If you are:

  • GRADUATING soon...
  • dropping below 1/2 time enrollment...
  • taking a leave of absence...
Please review the following:

Student Accounts & System-Access (MyUSC / OASIS /

Your system access will continue to be available for at least one year.

Please continue to monitor your student account on for additional charges which may be late in posting (housing, electricity, departmental charges, etc.).

If you are a resident of USC Housing: Any late vacate, common area damage or miscellaneous cleaning fees will be charged in June. If your rent does not include electricity, you should expect a final electricity charge on your USC student account this summer.

Also, if you participated in a payment plan, it was set up with a fixed budget.  Assessment of any additional charges not initially included in your PP budget will create a balance due on your student account.



Please make sure USC has a valid permanent address on file by going to OASIS and updating your address. Updating the Financial Counselor website will not update the address on file with USC.


Your university e-mail address will be maintained in the university's e-mail directory for at least one year after your last enrollment at the university. You may wish to set up forwarding to your personal email account.

Did you know that as an alumnus from USC you can have an email address that you can use to forward your email to whatever ISP you happen to be using?
For more information, go to Fight On!Line, or register at:

STUDENT LOANS: Exit Interviews are required when you are:
  • graduating
  • dropping below 1/2 time enrollment
  • taking a leave of absence
   A) If you have Perkins, UDSL, HPSL, LDS, or USC institutional loans:
  • Complete your exit interview online!
    You can complete your exit interview online by accessing Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) at .  Login to 'My Account' by entering the following information:
    • School code  : 3K
    • Account#      : your 9-digit Social Security number
    • Password/Pin: assigned by ECSI, please contact ECSI for assistance at: 866-428-1098
    If an exit interview is not available on the ECSI website, please call Student Financial Services at 213 740-4077 to update your graduation date.
  • Please make sure USC has a valid permanent address on file by going to OASIS and updating your address. Updating the ECSI website will not update your address on file with USC.
   B) If you have Stafford, USC Subsidized, or Gate student loans:
   C) If you have both types of student loans:

Please complete both steps (A) and (B)... 



For information about: Academic Review, Degree Progress, transcripts, etc., please go to the Records and Registrar website.