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Student Accounts

View your student account transactions, statements, and more, ONLINE using!
Fall/Spring terms
Tuition and fees for pre-registered students are assessed 5-6 weeks before Fall/Spring term
settlement deadlines so that students may receive a billing statement before payment is due...
Tuition & fees unpaid by the term settlement deadline may be assessed weekly late fees.
Late registration fees of $100/wk are assessed if you register for the first time after the settlement deadline.
Late settlement fees of $100/week are assessed if you do not settle your tuition & fees by the term payment deadline,
or if registering late, if you do not settle your tuition & fees (see current balance) by the following Friday.
Unpaid balances are subject to weekly late fees as described in the Schedule of Classes.
Summer terms
Tuition and fees are assessed at the time of registration (no matter when classes start),
and are due as billed on monthly billing statements. Refunds begin the first day of class.

To estimate your cost to attend USC, please see 'Estimate of costs' on Financial Aid's website.
Deadlines, late fees, and payment options may be found in the Schedule of Classes.
Federal financial aid begins posting the week before the start of classes, per federal guidelines.
Refunds for fall/spring qualifying credit balances begin the Wednesday before the start of classes.
During fall/spring registration periods: students who drop/add classes after the settlement deadline
must settle all charges in full, on Friday during the week in which the change took place.
If any portion remains unpaid, late fees will be assessed according to the late fee schedule ($100 per week).

New Students -and-
New student accounts on are created when we assess the 1st semester's tuition & fees
(for Fall / Spring terms: about 1 month before the start of classes), which is after you have enrolled
in classes and charges have been posted to your account, even if a commitment deposit has been paid.
If you are a NEW student, online financial services will not be made available until that time! 
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Each student at USC has a student account established in their name (also known as the 'CRS - Consolidated Receivables System account'). The student account reflects:

a) University charges, including, but not limited to:
  • Tuition
  • Mandatory Fees
  • Special Fees
  • USC Housing
  • Meal Plans
  • Orientation
  • Parking
  • Health Center Charges
  • Ticket Office
  • USCard
b) Any credits the student receives including:
  • Payments/deposits
  • Financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans)
  • Payment plan
  • Deferments (temporary credits)

Students who enroll in the Payment Plan will have another account called their 'Payment Plan account' for payment plan transactions such as budget setup and monthly payments.  In addition, students may also have a 'discretionary account' which is administered through USCard.

If you have questions about charges on your student account, please contact the correct department:

Academic Records & Registrar - 213-740-4080 - TRO-101
Admissions - 213-740-1111 - SKS
Cashier's Office - STU 106
    - Within Southern California 213-740-7471
    - Outside Southern California 800-225-1222

Collections - 213-740-9087 - PSB
Financial Aid - 213-740-4444 - JHH
Health Center (Insurance/Fee Information) - SHC
    - University Park 213-740-0551
    - Health Sciences Campus 323-442-5989
Housing - PSX
    - Within Southern California 213-740-2546
    - Outside Southern California 800-872-4632

Meal Plans - 213-740-8709 - PSX
Parking / Transportation - 213-740-3575 - PSX
Payment Plan - 213-740-4077 - PSB
Registration - 213-740-8500 - TRO-101
Student Affairs - 213-740-2421
Student Financial Services - 213-740-4077 - PSB
USCard - 213-740-8709 - PSX

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