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Student Financial Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

Wire Transfer Payments

Funds coming from outside the United States via wire transfers may take 3-4 weeks to reach us.
Avoid late fees by making sure that funds are wired well before the payment deadline.
Also, please determine whether your bank charges a wire transfer fee.
If they do, please add that amount and USC's $12.50 wire transfer fee to your wire transfer payment.
Once our bank notifies us that your wire payment has been received,
the full amount received by our bank is immediately posted to your student account.

Please note that we DO NOT process eRefunds for accounts paid by WIRE TRANSFER.
If your account has been overpaid by a wire transfer payment, you have two options:
we can leave the wire in your account to be used for future charges,
or we can return the entire wire back to the originator.

USC's wire transfer fee for wire transfers is $12.50 (Western Union Business Solutions wires are free).
Please add $12.50 to your payment when you request the wire transfer.
When wire transfer payments are posted to a student account,
the $12.50 wire transfer fee is posted as a charge on the student account.
If you have not included the $12.50 fee in the amount of the wire transfer,
(please note check with your bank, in case they charge a wire transfer fee)
your account balance will not be settled in full, which may result in late fees or other penalties.

About Wire Transfers

You should only wire funds that you need to pay for your tuition, fees and any university contracted services as we can not accept large wire transfers that are in excess of the cost of the tuition.

Wire Transfer Guidelines:

  • please do not send additional funds for living expenses that you will be paying to a private landlord or entity. Those funds should be wired to your U.S. banking institution account if you already have one set up. If not, you should travel with traveler's checks that will allow you to pay for expenses outside of USC.  Once you arrive, you should make arrangements to open a checking account with one of the local financial institutions.
  • please allow sufficient time for your bank to process and submit your wire transfer so that it will be posted to your student account in a timely manner. Funds coming from outside the United States can take several (3-4) weeks to reach us. To avoid late fees, we recommend that students (especially international students) wire funds well before the payment deadline.
  • please be sure to include student name and 10-digit USC-ID on all Remittances.

To make a wire payment, please remit by wire (including $12.50 USC wire transfer fee*) to:

Bank of America
Money Transfer Service
100 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001

Transit Routing Number:  0260-0959-3
Beneficiary Name:     University of Southern California
Account Number:       1459 - 8 - 08242


International Wires:

Student Name: ________________________________

Student USC-ID: __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ - __ __

Please note that USC's wire transfer fee of $12.50* must be added to, over and above, the total amount of payment.  If the 'sending' bank also charges for wire transfers you will need to add their fee as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Cashier's Office at (213) 740-7471 after 3-4 weeks if you do not see the wire transfer posted to your student account, to verify the status of a wire transfer, or if you desire further information about this service.

*Note: USC does not charge a fee for accepting a Western Union Business Solutions wire transfer request generated via We do charge a $12.50 fee for all other wire transfers.


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NOTE: USC does not accept TELEX transfers for payment of student accounts.