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Student Financial Services
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USC Payment Plan

The USC Payment Plan offers students an option to extend payment of university billed expenses on the student account over a whole term (Aug-Dec & Jan-May), for fall and spring terms.  Trimester plans (Aug-Nov)(Dec-Mar)(Apr-Jul) are available for Dentistry, MBA-PM and Law students ONLY. 

The USC Payment Plan application and payment processing are completely online. When you submit an application for a term, you create a payment profile which is used to pay the application fee ($50), the down payment, and monthly payments.  Payment plans require the use of a U.S. bank checking or savings account for the automatic monthly payments.

Enrollment in the USC Payment Plan is done online using the system.



Enrollment for the USC Payment Plan requires the following:

  • Student account must be in good standing.
    If your student account is not current please contact the University Collections office at (213)740-9087 or .
  • A valid payment profile with a U.S. checking or savings bank account to be used for automatic monthly payments.
  • An application fee of $50.00, paid at time of enrollment
  • An initial down payment, paid at the time of enrollment.
    For sign-ups after the 1st monthly installment date, down payment and first monthly installment will both be due. 


Changes to a Payment Plan

Budget changes or cancellation of the Payment Plan can only be made by using the online Payment Plan Budget change request form , by contacting Student Financial Services at (213)740-4077, or by sending an email to .  The first two budget changes are free.



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