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USC Payment Plan (sign up on

Important PP Dates

SUMMER 2015 (trimester only)
6/03: 3rd summer PP payment due
7/03: Final summer payment due

FALL 2015
7/24: Pre-reg cut-off for fall 2015
          billing statement w/all charges
7/27: Fall PP sign-ups open
8/03: 1st fall PP payment due
8/21: Fall Settlement @5pm
9/03: 2nd fall PP payment due
9/11: Last day to sign up for a plan
10/3: 3rd fall PP payment due
11/3: 4th fall PP payment due
            (final for 4-pay plans)
12/3: Final fall 5-pay payment due

12/4: Pre-reg cut-off for spring 2015
          billing statement w/all charges
12/20: Spring PP sign-ups open
1/03: 1st spring 5-pay plan and
          2nd 4-pay plan payments due
1/29: last day to sign up for a plan
2/03: 2nd spring 5-pay plan and
          3rd 4-pay plan payments due
3/03: 3rd spring 5-pay plan and
           final 4-pay plan payments due

Fall 2015 payment plans open to pre-registered students 7/27 and close 9/11.

The USC Payment Plan allows settlement of a student account (one term at a time), through a line of credit established with the USC Student Financial Services office. You may use your interest-free USC Payment Plan account to pay for tuition, fees, university housing, meal plans, and other miscellaneous university charges in 5 monthly installments for Fall (Aug-Dec) and/or Spring (Jan-May) terms only (Payment Plan is not offered for Summer term).  The Trimester plan (for Dental students, MBA.PM students, etc.) plan have 4 monthly installments for Fall (Aug-Nov), Spring (Dec-Mar), and Summer (Apr-Jul).  Monthly Auto Payment will be charged on the 3rd of each month, ie: for FALL term: the first payment (for August) is made at the time of enrollment with subsequent payments due: September 3rd, October 3rd, etc...

The USC Payment Plan application and payment processing are completely online. This means that when you submit your online application for a term, you will be required to submit payment online for the application fee ($50), as well as the 1st monthly payment.  If you are applying late, student account late fees and any additional monthly payment plan payments would also be required.  USC Representatives can answer any questions you may have at 213-740-4077.


All enrolled students who have no past due amounts in their student accounts, who have not had previous plans cancelled for non-payment, whose student account from the prior term was paid in full, and who have not previously been assigned to an outside collection agency, are eligible to participate in the payment plan.
If your account is not current, please contact the University Collections Office.

The USC Payment Plan (found on the system), is hosted by our service provider CashNet.  USC Payment Plan services include:

  • Payment Plan (PP) Application for registered students*
    please allow 24 hours after registration before signing up (for updated budget)...
    If payment plan enrollment is completed by 6pm on a normal business day, the Payment Plan budget amount will be posted to the student account that night. Anything after 6pm on a given business day will post on the evening of the following business day.
  • Payment Entry & Maintenance (bank account)
  • Payment Profile Maintenance
  • Payment Plan Contract and Account status

Once you have signed up for Payment Plan, any additional charges to your student account
are NOT automatically included in your payment plan budget.
Please check frequently (especially during the 1st three weeks of a new semester)
for additional charges to your student account before they become past due.

Advantages of our online USC Payment Plan:

Security:  CASHNet, our service provider, offers fully PCI-compliant security and SSL for all transactions.

Single Sign-on:  Students and guests access and Payment Plan as a single process.

Self service:
Our online Payment Plan system will allow payment plan account review, online applications, manual online payments, and changes to stored profiles by students and their authorized OASIS guests. 

Online payments:
Payment plan account monthly payments are made automatically each month based on the current payment profile.

Stored Payment Profiles:
The Payment Plan offers users the ability to store banking information for online payments or automatic monthly payment plan payments, with the ability to update or change payment profiles as needed. Please make sure funds remain available until payment is debited from checking account (may take up to 12 hours). The storage of payment profile information is done with full PCI compliant security.

More Accurate Budgets:
Fewer changes to payment plan term budgets occur because more accurate budgets are available at the time of Payment Plan enrollment, due to the requirement that students be registered before they can apply, and to faster posting of housing charges and other fees to the student account.

Changes for those who have used Payment Plan previously:

  1. All registration and administration is done online.
  2. The enrollment fee to register for a Payment Plan is $50. There is one Payment Plan for each semester / term. If you sign up for a Fall Payment Plan and then a Spring Payment Plan, the total cost will be $100. The cost for trimester students applying for 3 terms in a year would be $150.
  3. We do not offer a Payment Plan that covers the entire year. Each Payment Plan must be done one term at a time.
  4. University Enrollment (class registration) is required before the online Payment Plan setup is done. This helps provide a more accurate budget at the time of setup.
  5. Housing and other expenses are loaded earlier on the student account in order to provide a more accurate budget.
  6. An online Budget Calculator will help in determining the Payment Plan budget for each semester / term.
  7. Debit and/or credit card payments are not accepted for the USC Payment Plan.
  8. All Payment Plan sign-ups require automatic monthly payment as the payment method.

PCI Compliance is audited on a regular basis. CASHNet offers full PCI Compliance for their online applications. In addition, the online website uses SSL for all transactions. The SSL certificate is through the parent company, Informed Decisions Corp.

For Students:

Access to's Payment Plans is available for registered students and their guests using MyUSC (under 'Student Services'), or OASIS (under 'Financial Information'), from the 'your account' page, which offers:

For Parents / Guests:

In most cases the student will want to establish guest access for a parent / guest on OASIS ( establish OASIS guest access ).  For guests who are set up in OASIS, login ID's are transferred to CASHNet on a nightly basis. These guests will be able to access CASHNet from 'OASIS for Guests' the day after they have been set up. You will be able to see your guest IDs in CashNet when their access to CASHNet has been enabled. You will notice that the guest ID on CASHNet is a combination of your USCID and the 8 character OASIS guest ID.

If you do not want to set up a guest in OASIS, you can create a direct guest login to CASHNet
( establish CashNet guest access ). The parent/guest will receive an email with login instructions.  This type of access requires the parent/guest to go to the CASHNet website directly ( to login.  If you choose to set up a guest in CASHNet directly, the guest ID can be any combination of 6 or more letters and/or numbers (the guest ID does not need to be in the same format as the one you see for guest IDs transferred from OASIS).  Your guest will be sent an email with their guest ID, a temporary password, and a link to USC's CASHNet website.

Enrollments prior to a term's settlement deadline will not be assessed late fees or penalties. The first installment (one of five; or for trimester students: one of four) and $50 enrollment fee are due at the time of enrollment. Enrollment will not be complete until both the enrollment fee and the first installment have been paid online.  If the term settlement deadline has passed, late fees & penalties may be assessed to the student account.  In addition, payment plan sign-ups after the due date of the 2nd monthly payment on the payment plan schedule will require the 2nd monthly payment as well as the 1st monthly payment and application fee.

* Please note that students who have just registered or become eligible for Payment Plan
will not receive Payment Plan system access until the following business day.


Eligibility for the USC Payment Plan is based on the following requirements:

  • You have completed registration for the upcoming term for which you wish to use the USC Payment Plan.
  • You have no holds on your student account created by past collection actions.
  • If you have used the USC Payment Plan in the past, you have maintained a good record of on-time payments.

Selecting a plan:

You may enroll in a USC Payment Plan by selecting the 'Enroll' link in the USC Payment Plans box on's 'your account' page. There will be only one choice per semester. If you are a trimester student in a program which offers payment plan, your choice will be for a trimester plan only. Once enrolled this link will allow you to view your payment plan history and future charges. Upon enrollment you will be required to pay a $50 enrollment fee for each USC Payment Plan and pay the first monthly installment amount. In other words, if you establish a plan for the Fall term you will pay $50 and then if you establish a plan for the Spring term you will pay $50. You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions as stated on this website ( Go to: Payment Plan: Terms & Conditions ). USC Representatives can answer any question you may have at 213-740-4077.

You may enter a budget amount or use the online payment calculator to establish the budget. The payment calculator will include the following for charges:

  • Tuition
  • Mandatory Fees
  • Housing
  • Meal Plans
  • Laboratory Fees
  • USCard Plans
  • Parking Permits
  • Tuition Refund Insurance
  • Other

And will include the following for credits:

  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Student Loans
  • Other

Please refer to your USC Billing Statement for accurate budget calculations. Please do not include future work study (CWSP) earnings in your calculations. If an accurate budget is completed then you should not see large charges appearing on your USC Student Account. If there is a balance on your student account it is your responsibility to pay that balance when due using in order to avoid late fees.

You will be asked to agree to the Payment Plan terms & conditions, and to enter your e-signature.  Your e-signature is 2-15 characters long, and you may enter your first or last name, or your initials.

If enrollment is completed  by 6:00 pm on normal business days, the Payment Plan budget amount will be posted to the student account that night, anything after that time will be posted at night on the following business day.

Changing a Plan:

Please note that changes to 'stored account profiles' will NOT update accounts used for AutoPay,
please edit your Payment Plan information if you need to change accounts used by your AutoPay profile.

Students and guests will not have the ability to use the online self service features of the USC Payment Plan for increasing or decreasing the total amount once enrolled. It is very important to establish a good budget using the payment calculator online. It is also important to enroll in all of the classes you will need for the term in order to establish the correct tuition rate. In some unforeseen cases an increase or decrease to a USC Payment Plan may be accomplished by contacting the Student Financial Services office at 213-740-4077. Their office is located in Parking Structure B (PSB). You will need to provide a signed letter stating the amount of increase or decrease and will be required to sign a new terms and conditions for the increase or decrease. The monthly payments due will reflect the increase or decrease in the total payment plan.


USC Payment Plan payments are automatic monthly payments which you set up online when you first enroll in the USC Payment Plan. When you setup Auto Payment you will be storing banking information which will be used on a monthly basis. This information is stored and governed by PCI Compliance requirements.  Each month you will receive email notification in advance reminding you that a payment will be charged. Please make sure funds remain available in your bank account until payment is debited. It is your responsibility to keep your stored banking information current. If the information is not correct when the charge occurs you may be assessed a penalty.  Please note that changes to 'stored account profiles' will NOT update accounts used for AutoPay, please edit your Payment Plan information to change accounts used by your AutoPay profile.

Both students and associated guests will be able to set up payments using stored profiles, however only one payment plan may be set up for each student account.  The stored banking information is associated with each individual's login, which means that students will not have access to guest stored information and guests will not have access to student stored information. Please do not set up multiple Auto Payments by different users for the same student account.

If you plan on enrolling in future USC Payment Plans, your banking information is stored for your user profile and will be available for future plans.

If you enroll on or after the term's payment plan start date (August 3rd for Fall, and January 3rd for Spring, or for trimester students: August 3rd for Fall, December 3rd for Spring, April 3rd for Summer) and before the term's payment deadline, you will be asked to pay both the application fee and the first monthly payment.  After payment information has been entered and approved, you will receive two receipts for the two amounts.  Your bank statement will also show the two transactions as separate amounts.

You may also sign up for tweets Follow USC_Payplan (sign-up & monthly payment reminders) on Twitter to get monthly payment reminders and Payment Plan enrollment date notifications.

Payments using ACH (electronic check) normally take between 2 and 10 days to clear the bank. Therefore, a payment will show as being credited to your USC Payment Plan account even if the payment has not yet cleared the bank. You will need to contact your bank if you want to check the status of an ACH payment. Any rejected ACH payments will be returned through USC directly and not CASHNet. If an ACH payment is rejected, a USC Student Financial Services representative will contact you directly to correct the unpaid balance. The USC Payment Plan credit for the payment will be reversed and display a delinquent amount. Your USC Student Account will be charged a returned item fee and may also be charged a late fee.

Payment Methods*:

The payment method used for USC Payment Plan is Electronic Checks* (ACH) from checking or savings accounts drawn on U.S. financial institutions.  Important notes:

  • most banks do not accept ACH transfer requests from other types of accounts such as: money market, mutual fund, line of credit and brokerage accounts.  If you try to use one of these types of accounts your payment will most likely be rejected, resulting in late fees and various penalties.
  • Please do not enter 16-digit debit card numbers in the checking / savings account number as they will reject.
  • Please verify your bank's routing number.  Some banks use different routing numbers for online payment processing.
  • NO paper checks will be accepted (either by mail or in person).


Rejected Payments:

If your enrollment fee or monthly payment via electronic transfer from your bank account rejects for any reason, your PP account will be updated to show the rejected payment and you will receive a notification email to your official USC email address (ends in 

If a reject code indicates that the bank should be called, USC will not be responsible for calling the bank. After 2 missed payments your payment plan will be withdrawn and full payment will be required on the student account. Future eligibility for the USC Payment Plan will be withheld and returned item and late fees and penalties will be assessed.


Other Information:


Penalties will be charged to the student account and will not show on the USC Payment Plan. The following are a list of penalties that may be assessed:

  • $25 penalty for accounts that are not paid by the due date.
  • $25 returned item fee for an ACH (electronic check) payment that is denied.
  • After 2 missed payments your payment plan will be withdrawn and full payment will be required on the student account. Future eligibility for the USC Payment Plan will be withheld.


Fall standard 5-pay plans open in late July and spring standard 5-pay plans open in late December.  Fall trimester 4-pay plans open slightly earlier, after tuition & fees have been posted for the term. Payment Plan enrollment continues through the 3rd week of Fall/Spring terms although late fees & penalties may be assessed to student accounts which were not settled by the term payment deadline.

The USC Payment Plan allows for making 5 installments of tuition, housing, meal plans, and other fees per term during the Fall and Spring term of each year. Trimester students will make 4 installments during the Fall, Spring and Summer terms of each year.  For non-trimester students, we do not offer the USC Payment Plan during summer term at this time. Each term will need to have a separate enrollment prior to the beginning of the semester. Full payment for each semester must be paid on time prior to enrolling in the next USC Payment Plan. Enrollment for the Fall term will be done during the month of August and enrollment for the Spring term will be done starting in the middle of December.  Enrollment for the Trimester  payment plan will be during the month of July for Fall, during November for Spring, and during March for summer.

Payments for payment plan installments are due on the 3rd of each month. When you enroll you will see a schedule of payments with the amount for each payment. If you enroll after the 1st payment is due you must pay the 1st installment along with the enrollment fee. If you enroll after the term's payment deadline your student account will be subject to late fees and penalties.

Emails / Notification:

You will receive emails from the USC Payment Plan for various reasons. If you have set up spam blockers in your email account please make sure to allow emails from and any email address from the domain.

  • Upon enrollment you will receive an email verifying your enrollment in the USC Payment Plan.
  • When payments are made you will receive a receipt of the payment.
  • Prior to due dates you will receive a reminder that payments will be due soon.
  • When one or more payments have not been received you will be sent a Payment Plan Late Notice.
  • If there are problems charging a payment you will receive an email stating this.

We maintain a TWITTER account for the USC Payment Plan Follow USC_Payplan on Twitter.  If you are interested in receiving occasional 'tweets' (text messages to your cellphone) regarding:

  • USC Payment Plan sign-ups and deadlines
  •, tuition and fee assessments, bill due dates, and other messages about student accounts

Click here for more information about our Payment Plan "TWITTER" account... Follow USC_Payplan on Twitter


See also:


Access for Payment Plan sign-ups via the OASIS 'Financial Information' tab at or by logging into MyUSC at and then going to under Student Services.



Rev:  05/01/2015