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E-bill Notices

03/31/2012 ebill text

This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY. To contact us, visit .  For an expanded version of this notice with more detailed information, visit .

Dear Student/Guest,

Your new monthly billing statement is now available on You are receiving this because there is either a balance due on your account OR you have had activity in the past month.

To access and view your statement:

- students go to or and click on ""
- Guests go to: .

To pay, click "make payment." You can now store payment profiles securely for future use.

Summer tuition and fees are due when billed regardless of session dates.


A few students who have registered for Fall 2013 have been assessed tuition and fees in error. We are aware of the problem and will correct it next week and notify you by email of any correction made.  Fall housing charges are valid and will not be reversed.

If you are participating in the spring 2012 payment plan, you may still have a balance owing on your student account.  Please check your student account to ensure that you have no balance due.


1098-T forms for 2011 have been mailed.  Visit for more information.


For reminders about deadlines and important information about student accounts and/or payment plans on your cellphone: .

USC Student Financial Services

Expanded Text Version:

March 31, 2012 Expanded Monthly e.bill Notice

This is an expanded version of your emailed monthly billing notification. The email was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming email. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY. To contact us, please visit .

Summer 2012 registration has begun.
Tuition and fees for summer are due when billed, regardless of class dates.

Dear Student/Guest User,

If you received an emailed notice, this is because either there is a balance due on your (or your student’s) student account OR there has been some account activity since the last billing notice was sent. Please take a moment to review your student account online and make payment if anything is due.

Graduating Soon? 
Please visit for important information... 

To Access and View Your Statement:
- students should login to OASIS ( ) or myUSC ( ), and click on the " and USC Payment Plan" service.
- Guests should go to: to login. has now been combined with the USC Payment Plan hosted by CashNet, and has a whole new look. Your student account information is located on the left side of the screen in the “Your Account” box. Activity since your last billing statement can be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this box. You can view all of your monthly billing statements in the “Your Bills” box.

Making Payments on Your Student Account:

If you wish to pay your bill on-line, click “make payment” in the red bar at the top of the page. You can choose to make a payment on your student account (Tuition and Fees) or on your payment plan, if one is active. If you choose “Tuition and Fees,” the minimum due will automatically appear in the “Amount” box. You can change this amount if necessary. You can choose to pay by echeck, credit card, or selected foreign currencies (See “Travelex” below). You can also securely save checking account or credit card information so you will not have to re-enter it when making future payments.

For other payment options, please visit or view the back of your monthly billing statement.

Wire Transfers / Travelex

You can generate a payment document by using the payment process and selecting “Pay With Foreign Currency” when you checkout. You must present this document to your bank. The exchange rate is valid for 72 hours. A limited, but growing number of currencies are available. It can take up to two weeks for a Travelex wire or four weeks for an ordinary wire transfer to reach USC so plan accordingly to avoid late fees. A list of currencies and all wire transfer instructions are available here.

Payment Plan

The Spring 2012 Payment Plan is now closed to new enrollment. If you participated in the spring 2012 payment plan, there may still be a balance owing on your student account. From OASIS, go to to view your account and make sure you remain current.

Dental and MBA PM students may sign up now for summer trimester payment plans. (from OASIS, go to for signups).

Tax Credit (1098-T) Information

1098-t forms for 2011 were mailed in January 2012. Please note that USC reports qualified charges rather than payments to the IRS, and that only transactions that took place between 1/1/11 and 12/31/11 are included on the report. If you enrolled for spring 2010 prior to 1/1/11, you will need to use your 2010 AND 2011 1098-t forms to determine your qualified charges for 2011. More information is available on our site at .


If you have a credit balance on your student account, you may be eligible to receive a refund. Active payment plans and recent credit/debit card payments on your student account may be adjusted to reduce your credit balance. If you have a credit balance as a result of a PLUS parent loan, your parent(s)’ choices may also affect your ability to receive a refund. Any eligible credit balance will be sent to you by eRefund (ACH/Direct Deposit) (2-4 business days if you are signed up) or by mailed check (up to 10 business days).

It’s now easier than ever to sign up for eRefunds. Simply click “edit” in the eRefund box on your main page, fill out a simple form, and you’re done. You can change or delete an account any time you wish. As long as you have an active eRefund account, whenever you have a qualifying credit balance, we will send an eRefund to your bank and notify you by email.

If you have not signed up for eRefund, you may request a mailed refund of a qualifying credit balance by filling out an online request form. For more on credit balances and refunds, click here.

Questions About Specific Items On Your Student Account:

  • Health Insurance/Health Center fees. These are mandatory fees. The deadline for requesting a waiver of the health insurance charge was January 27, 2012. For more information and access to the online waiver process, visit the University Park Health Center website. For assistance, call 213-740-8742 on the University Park Campus or 323-442-5989 on the Health Sciences Campus.
  • Parking/Transportation/Citations. Please visit the USC Transportation website or call 213-740-3575 for assistance.
  • Lab/Individual Instruction/Textbook fees. For information about these fees, please contact the academic unit offering the class. Phone numbers can be found in USC’s online department directory.
  • Housing/Rent/Electricity/Housing Deposits. Questions about ALL housing transactions should be directed to USC Housing at 213-740-2546 (within Southern California) or 800-872-4632 (outside Southern California). See Fall 2011 move-in guide.
  • Graduate Programming Fee. Graduate students taking less than six units can opt out of this fee by submitting an online form found on the GPSS website.
  • Tuition Refund Insurance. This is an elective insurance program that you accept or decline when you register for classes.  The last day to make changes to your tuition refund insurance was January 27, 2012.
  • USCard. Questions should be directed to USCard Services at 213-740-8709.
  • Meal Plans. Questions should be directed to USCard Services at 213-740-8709.
  • Late Fees. These are assessed if your student account is not paid by the settlement deadline for the term. If you are assessed these fees as a result of promised funds not posting to your student account, please contact the department that has offered you the award(s) for assistance.
  • Tuition. Tuition is based on the number of units for which you are registered and the sessions to which those courses are assigned. See the Spring 2012 Schedule of Classes for sessions and rates.
  • Read MORE about common charges and fees...


Want reminders about deadlines and important information about student accounts (USC_epay) and/or payment plans (USC_Payplan) on your cellphone? Check out our twitter accounts. More info is available at .


Cashier's Office
    Within Southern California (213) 740-7471
    Outside Southern California (800) 225-1222
Collections (213) 740-9087
Financial Aid (213) 740-4444
Health Center (Insurance/Fee Information)
University Park (213) 740-0551
Health Sciences Campus (323) 442-5989
    Within Southern California (213) 740-2546
    Outside Southern California (800) 872-4632
Meal Plans (USCard) (213) 740-8709
Parking (213) 740-3575
Payment Plan (213) 740-4077
Registration (213) 740-8500
Student Affairs (213) 740-2421
Student Financial Services (213) 740-4077
USCard (213) 740-8709


USC Student Financial Services


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