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Student Financial Services
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E-bill Notices

10/29/2011 ebill text

EPI Agent <>
Message Generated on 10/29/11

Subject: Notice of NEW monthly billing statement

This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept
incoming email.  PLEASE DO NOT REPLY. To contact us, please visit .

Dear Student/Guest User,

Your new statement is now available online using the system.
You are receiving this notice because there is either a balance owed on
your student account OR you have had some account activity in the past

To access and see your statement:
- students should login to OASIS ( ) or
  myUSC ( ), and click on the "" service.
- guests should go to: to login

Within, please go to the "Statements" tab to view your bill.
To see transactions that have been posted to your account since the
last billing statement, click on the "Transactions" tab.  If there is
an amount due, payment will be due as described in the "Tuition and
Fees" section below.

If you wish to pay your bill on-line, click the "Make Payment" tab
in to make your payment today.  It's quick, easy and free.
Or, check out our other payment options at: .


We are pleased to announce that in a few weeks we will roll out an updated system.  New features will include:

  * View student account summary and access payment plan from a single page
  * Store payment information securely for future use - no more having to
    enter your credit card or checking account information each time you
    need to make a payment
  * Check on pending payments, see payment detail, re-print payment receipts
  * Update your own eRefund information at any time
  * Direct link to Travelex, allowing international students to pay tuition
    and fees by international wire transfer, in their own currency.  Travelex
    offers competitive exchange rates and streamlined payment processing.

Watch our website or follow on Twitter for updates.


Spring 2012 tuition and fees for enrolled students will be assessed
beginning November 21, 2011.


Want reminders about deadlines and important information about
student accounts on your cellphone?  Check out our twitter
accounts.  More info is available at .