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Student Financial Services
Division of Financial and Business Services

E-bill Notices

List of links to USC monthly e-bill notices for the previous 12 months. E-bill notices are emailed 1 or 2 days after new statements have been generated for students with a balance due or account activity since the last billing statement. These notices are emailed to students' official USC email addresses (ending in '') and authorized guests.

03/07/2015 ebill text

02/07/2015 ebill text

01/10/2015 ebill text

12/06/2014 ebill text

11/01/2014 ebill text

09/27/2014 ebill text

08/23/2014 ebill text

07/26/2014 ebill text

06/28/2014 ebill text

05/31/2014 ebill text

05/03/2014 ebill text

04/05/2014 ebill text

03/08/2014 ebill text

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