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NEW: Get important reminders on twitter

Twitter is a free social networking services for sending and receiving very brief messages in real time. A number of organizations are using Twitter to communicate with clients – including Whole Foods Markets, Metrolink, the Los Angeles Lakers, and NASA, to name just a few.

Student Financial Services departments began very limited testing of twitter in November 2008, to evaluate the service. We decided to make our twitter posts public and continue as a pilot program to evaluate how useful our students and families find the service. Unlike social twitterers you may have heard about who use tweets to record their minute-to-minute activities, we will not bombard you with tweets. We generally tweet only to tell you about new services or information available, or when deadlines are approaching. You can always stop “following” our accounts if you don’t want to receive our messages any longer.

Three important notes about the USC_epay and USC_payplan twitter accounts:

  1. Our tweets are meant only to supplement and remind you about information already available on our website or in publications such as the Schedule of Classes. They do not relieve you of the responsibility of checking your USC email account regularly and becoming familiar with USC’s policies related to tuition and fee settlement.
  2. Our twitter accounts are “send-only.”  We cannot not respond to any replies or direct messages you attempt to send. If you need to contact us, please use our query form.
  3. USC does not provide support for twitter.  Please visit to set up your free account and use their help pages if you need more info about signing up for and using twitter.
USC Student Financial Services has created two twitter accounts:
USC_epay USC_epay is for general messages about, tuition and fee assessments, bill due dates, and other messages about student accounts. Follow USC_epay (monthly payment due dates & other reminders) on Twitter
USC_Payplan USC_Payplan is for messages & reminders about USC's monthly tuition payment plan (both regular fall/spring 5 month plans and 4 month trimester plans).
Follow USC_Payplan (sign-up & monthly payment reminders) on Twitter
Additional USC twitter accounts you may be interested in:
USCFinancialAid   Follow USCFinancialAid on Twitter
USC The official Twitter account of the University of Southern California. Established in 1880. Fight On! Follow USC on Twitter
USC_Athletics The official Twitter account of the USC Athletic Department. Follow us for exclusive updates on Trojan football, basketball and the Olympic sports. Follow USC Athletics on Twitter

Anyone interested can follow these accounts.


To receive tweets on your phone after you’ve set up your twitter account...:

You can receive messages on your cellphone (twitter does not charge, but your cell phone carrier may charge you to receive text messages). If you set up a free twitter account, you will have a home page where you can send messages to your own followers and see messages from everyone you’re following, if you choose to do so (See twitter HELP for more information).

To receive tweets on your phone after you’ve set up your twitter account, all you need to do is send a text message from your cell phone to 40404 (yes – it's only a 5-digit number) that reads:

Follow USC_epay      

        and / or

Follow USC_Payplan  

You will get a message back asking you to verify that you want to receive updates.