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Student Financial Services
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Registration & Payment Deadlines

The exact amount of your tuition and fees depends on your program, the session in which you are enrolling, and the specific classes you are taking. Some classes at USC require lab fees, which can vary a great deal depending upon the materials used in the class. For this reason, we cannot predict what your bill will be. The rates for most of the sessions offered are published in the "Tuition and Fees" section of the Schedule of Classes, as are the standard fees. If you will be enrolling in a session that does not have rates published, you should contact the academic unit offering the classes for more information.  


If you need your Fall / Spring charges to appear on a billing statement before the term due date, please register at least 40 days in advance of the start of classes (the pre-registration deadline is the billing payment deadline which occurs approximately one month before the term's payment deadline / due date).
See term's "Registration Calendar" in the Schedule of Classes at .

If you enroll or have a change of program (add or drop classes) that results in additional charges after the pre-registration billing date (aka: pre-registration deadline), you will not receive another billing notice before the term's payment deadline. Please note that any Fall / Spring tuition and fees not settled by the term due date will be subject to late fees as described in the Schedule of Classes at .

If you drop or add classes after the term's payment deadline, all charges must be paid or deferred in full by 5 pm, PST, on Friday during the week in which the change took place. If any portion remains unpaid, late fees will be assessed according to the late fee schedule listed in the Schedule of Classes ($100.00 per week).

You should check your account on any time you make a change to your enrollment. In addition, we email monthly billing notices to all students who have outstanding balances or have activity on their student accounts during the month to their USC email addresses, as well as to designated guest email addresses from OASIS and

Non-receipt of a bill or failure to access it online does not relieve you of the settlement deadline (also called the tuition and fees payment deadline). Using the Web Registration auto scheduler feature but failing to register for any courses before the tuition and fees payment deadline is not a valid reason to request a waiver of the late registration fee.

Students whose checks are returned unpaid by the bank or whose debit / credit card authorizations are declined by the bank will be subject to late fees until their accounts are paid in full.  If paying by wire transfer, please review overpayment guidelines to prevent your payment being returned.


Summer charges are posted to your account at the time of registration and will be billed on the next billing statement.  Payment is due on the due date listed on the billing statement regardless of when classes actually start.

Federal Loans and Grants

If you have been awarded a Perkins loan, Stafford loan, Pell grant, or other federal loan or grant, the credit will not appear on this billing statement. Under federal regulations, most awards of this type may not be credit to student accounts until ten days prior to the first day of classes.  At USC, most aid usually posts one week before the start of classes, and is eligible for a refund a few days before the start of classes.

For questions about Financial Aid or anticipated loan funds which have not been credited to your student account, please contact the Office of Financial Aid, or go: .

Payment Plan

Online enrollments for USC payment plan will be available for registered students beginning about 3 weeks before the Fall / Spring payment deadline. Sign-ups will include payment of 1st monthly payment. Late sign-ups will include additional charges. For more information please visit .

Late Payment

Fall / Spring Terms: To avoid late fees, you must register and have your tuition, fees, housing, dining and all other charges paid or deferred by 5:00 P.M. PST on the term's settlement deadline. If you fail to register and settle your account, you will be assessed late fees each week in accordance with the following schedule:

(term payment deadline) $100.00
Friday of the 1st week of classes
Friday of the 2nd week of classes $100.00

Registration is not permitted after the third week of classes. The university currently assesses a monthly finance charge on all past due balances. The current annual rate is 12 percent, subject to change.

Non-receipt of a bill does not relieve you of this settlement deadline. Using the Web Registration auto scheduler feature but failing to register for any courses before the tuition and fees payment deadline is not a valid reason to request a waiver of the late registration fee.

Students whose checks are returned unpaid by the bank or whose debit / credit card authorizations are declined by the bank will be subject to the late fees described above until their accounts are paid in full.

Any charges or credits to your student account will be reflected immediately* on's OVERVIEW page 'account balance', will be listed on TRANSACTIONS page, and will be included on the following month's monthly statement.

*note: Mailed-in payments and Payment Plan enrollments are processed at the end of each business day, and are not posted to your student account ( until the following business day.

Credit Balance Refunds

If you have a credit balance on your student account and are eligible to receive a refund, the first date refunds will be issued for Fall/Spring terms is the Wednesday before the start of classes (refunds begin the 1st day of class for summer and other non-standard terms). For your convenience, we offer eRefunds (automatic refunds to your U.S. banking institution account). For more information please visit .

Student Health Insurance and Student Health Service fee

Please check your itemized transactions for insurance charges. Because charges can be changed based on enrollment status, you need to look at ALL of your transactions to determine the net insurance charge you have been assessed. The cost of Student Health Insurance for Fall 2013 is $605.00, and $914 for Spring & Summer 2014.  The Student Health Service Fee (mandatory fee for students taking 6 units or more) for Spring 2014 is $262.  There is also optional dental insurance, which is available for purchase at the start of fall terms only.

Student Health Insurance may be waived under the right conditions, and is not the same as the Student Health Service fee, which is mandatory and cannot be waived.  Please see the Schedule of Classes for more information, or go to the Health Center website.

If you wish to request a waiver of the mandatory Student Health Insurance fee and have not already done so, please go to the Health Center website at: to complete the online waiver by the deadline.

If you have not been charged and wish to be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance plan or you have questions, please contact the Student Health Insurance Office at , or go to the Health Center website.  The last day to purchase or show proof of health insurance may be found in the Schedule of Classes for each term (Spring 2014 deadline is 01/31/2014).

Graduate Assistants

If you have accepted a graduate assistant position (ie: you have signed and returned an offer letter), and your tuition or health fee award has not been credited to your student account, please remind your department that the settlement deadline is approaching. After talking with your department, if you need assistance, please submit an inquiry by visiting . You are still responsible for paying all other fees by the settlement deadline.

Orientation Fees

The mandatory orientation fee assessed on your student account is for services provided by the Orientation Department to all entering students. This fee is in addition to any charges you may have paid if you attended an orientation program.

USC Housing

USC Housing bills by semester rather than monthly. Rents will be charged to your student account at the beginning of each semester (May, August and December).  For Fall and Spring terms USC's Payment Plan offers students the option to pay USC Housing rent with monthly payments.  Electricity charges are assessed following the previous month's usage, and any damage charges are assessed after the student has moved out. Please contact Housing regarding any housing charges.


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