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Student's Financial Responsibility and Guest Users

Student's Financial Responsibility

If you are an enrolled student, it is your responsibility to check your official USC email account frequently for important messages (such as e-bill notices) and to make sure you do not exceed the quota on your email account.  You may choose to forward emails from your official USC account to another email address provided by your academic unit or to your personal email account, however it is your responsibility to make sure that your forwarding is set up correctly and that your official mailbox does not fill up.

When you register for classes at USC, you are personally agreeing to be held solely responsible for all tuition and fees.
(See "Obligation For Payment" under "Tuition and Fees" in the "Schedule of Classes").

Parents and others may volunteer to pay, and if they have an email address, you may have e-bill notices sent directly to their email address by setting them up as a Guest User on OASIS or, granting them access to your student account with the option to set up Payment Plans for eligible students.

United States Federal Law requires that before we discuss details of your student account with anyone other than you, we must have on file a document commonly known as a "Buckley Waiver". You may also grant access to your online information and statements by setting guests up as Guest Users on OASIS or

About Guest Users and Guest Access

Students are the only ones with access to set up and maintain guest user information, including the entry of guest email addresses, flagging guests to receive e-bill notices, setting up guest access, looking up or changing guest ID's and passwords, etc.

There are two types of guest users:

  1. (only) guests have access (if authorized by student) to:
    • student account balance and profile information
    • see recent transaction detail
    • access online billing statements
    • make online payments
     (only) guest access does NOT authorize guests to receive verbal or written information about student financial and academic records.
  2. OASIS guests (login id is made up of numbers and letters) with access to:
    • OASIS information (courses, grades, restrictions, etc.)
    • Payment Plan enrollment
    • system (see list under guests, above)
    • No BUCKLEY form required; OASIS guest setup authorizes guests to receive verbal or written information about student financial and academic records.

To learn more about guest users, please go to: > Guest Users.