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What can I do to resolve an unpaid semester from which I withdrew?

A student is required to immediately notify the Registrar, the Financial Aid Office, and other applicable offices (see Guidelines for Withdrawal) when he or she stops attending classes. Informing your academic department or your instructor does not constitute withdrawal from a course.

Students in their first semester at USC must contact the Office of Admission and complete an admission update form if they wish to return.  They are not eligible to apply for a leave of absence.

If the student fails to notify either the Registrar or the Financial Aid Office, it is possible that the 50% point in the term will be used to determine the student's last date of attendance, in accordance with federal regulations. If a student withdraws from all classes, the Financial Aid Office will determine whether that student's period of attendance resulted in the earning of all of the federal financial aid that was originally awarded. If it is determined that not all of the scheduled federal aid has in fact been earned, then the Financial Aid Office will calculate the amount to be returned to the federal financial aid programs. The Financial Aid Office will bill the student on his or her university account for the amount returned. It is the student's responsibility to contact the Cashier's Office about settling the bill.

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