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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the guidelines for withdrawals and withdrawal refunds?

A student is required to immediately notify the Registrar and the Financial Aid Office
when he or she stops attending classes. Informing your academic department
or your instructor does not constitute withdrawal from a course.
Students in their first semester at USC must contact the Office of Admission
and complete an admission update form if they wish to return.
They are not eligible to apply for a leave of absence.

Dropping a Class

At USC, you must drop any class you are not attending before the refund deadline for the course. If you do not officially remove the course from your registration account before the refund deadline, the University considers you financially liable for the tuition and fees. You can find the refund deadline for any course on the "Schedule of Classes" by clicking on the link for the department offering the course, and clicking the calendar icon next to your course.

If you have questions about the refund deadline for a course, please contact the Registration Department at (213) 740-8500 or by email at .

Changes in Enrollment Status

Federal regulations and university policy require students who borrow from a federal or university loan program to attend a loan exit counseling session when they:

  • graduate
  • drop below half-time enrollment
  • take a leave of absence

If you meet any of these criteria, an activity restriction may be placed on your student record. This activity restriction or 'hold' means that you may not be able to: enroll, receive your diploma, or request academic transcripts until you have completed the exit counseling requirement.

Withdrawals / Cancellation of Enrollment*

If a student fails to notify either the Registrar or the Financial Aid Office of their withdrawal or cancellation of enrollment, it is possible that the 50% point in the term will be used to determine the student's last date of attendance, in accordance with federal regulations. If a student withdraws from all classes, the Financial Aid Office will determine whether that student's period of attendance resulted in the earning of all of the federal financial aid that was originally awarded. If it is determined that not all of the scheduled federal aid has in fact been earned, then the Financial Aid Office will calculate the amount to be returned to the federal financial aid programs. The Financial Aid Office will bill the student on his or her university account for the amount returned. It is the student's responsibility to contact the Cashier's Office about settling the bill.

If a student has missed the drop deadline, they will need to contact the Academic Review Department ( to petition for a late withdrawal (including previous semesters), which is then reviewed by the Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures.

* If you are requesting a cancellation of enrollment and are still responsible for any housing charges, you must contact TrojanHousing and submit a cancellation request form.

Withdrawal Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition and fees are refundable only by processing a cancellation of enrollment or change of program application through the Office of Academic Records and Registrar and are entirely at the option of the university. Informing your academic department or your instructor does not constitute withdrawal from the course. All withdrawals must be processed by Web Registration or through the Office of Academic Records and Registrar. Check the Schedule of Classes for your session's requirements for refund eligibility.

Read about Tuition Refund Insurance, also known as Medical Withdrawal Refunds.


Refunds for additional charges, including but not limited to, housing and meal plans will be determined by the office assessing the charge. In the event of a revocation of registration, 100% of any tuition paid for that semester will be first applied to any outstanding debt. Any remaining credit will be available for refund. Students must request refunds from Student Account Services. Financial Aid recipients may also be entitled to receive a refund if their aid exceeds their tuition charges.

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