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Frequently Asked Questions

How do parents and other guests access my financial information on

Students are the ones who enter and maintain guest user access.  You may set up guests with access to OASIS* (allows access to all student records as well as, or with access to directly (financial information only).

If parents/guests forget their guest user login ID or password they will need to contact their student to look it up for them.  We are unable to respond to student account inquiries from parents who are not OASIS guests and do not have a signed Buckley waiver granting them access to your student account information.

  • OASIS Guests: If your guest user id is a combination of letters and numbers, login to OASIS for Guests. OASIS guest access provides full access through OASIS to student's academic and financial records
  • Guests: These guests have access to's financial information only. guests receive an email with their login information at the time their student sets up their guest access. Please note that we are unable to respond to inquiries from parents who are not OASIS guests or do not have a signed Buckley waiver granting them access to your student account information.  See also: GUEST login help .

If you have trouble accessing online statements please review the following:

  • If you are a new student, your account will not be created until you have enrolled in classes and charges have been posted to your account, even if you have already paid a commitment deposit.
  • For students who registered early: Fall & Spring tuition fees are not posted until approximately 1 month prior to the start of classes and are due on the payment deadline which occurs the Friday before the start of classes. Summer tuition & fees are posted at the time of registration and due when billed.
  • Pop-up windows must be 'enabled' on your browser...
  • Some corporate firewalls, network setups, or security software may also prevent access to  If you cannot login, please try using a different computer at another location, or one of our other payment options.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software from Adobe) is required to view and print statements on


* If you have created guest user accounts for the same guest on both the OASIS and systems, in order to revoke access to you must remove / revoke the guest user's access on both systems.  Please note that if you have 'revoked' an OASIS guest user, you must assign a new guest user ID or they will not be able to access OASIS FOR GUESTS.


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